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Having a holiday abroad might be a challenge the coming period…What a bummer! But we try to look at it from the bright side: it’s a great opportunity for traveling in beautiful Vietnam. And pssst…there are some amazing deals now!

Traveling in Vietnam: bucket list destinations

Of course we should pay attention to the bucket list destinations in Vietnam. The summer months are not the best period for North Vietnam, but hey, we’re used to hot temperatures and rain in Saigon as well.

In Vietnam, adventurous Halong Bay  is a must do destination. Named on all the global travel lists as one of the most beautiful places on earth, it will take your breath away. Spending at least 2 (better 3) nights on the water is ideal and will give you enough time to explore the caves, go kayaking, enjoy the scenery and get zen. But make sure to visit the right area in the right time of year, mid summer can be quite hot and humid. Best to go a bit before or just after summer. Check out our tips here.

Captain my captain: enjoying Halong Bay

Hanoi is a perfect city trip, with or without the family.  September an October are perfect months to visit the capital. Packed with history and full of great sight seeing and the yummiest street food ever, it’s a family friendly hotspot you shouldn’t miss. We have summarized all our tips for the perfect city trip here.

We highly recommend to combine your Hanoi trip with some days in Sapa, where the Sapa sisters can organize a nice hike for you. Take the night train or arrange a car transfer via the hotel (5.5 hours drive). Hanoi is also a great combo with a visit to the beautiful Ninh Binh area, which is only 2 hours away.

Traveling in Vietnam: let’s explore further

For all adventurous souls, we recommend a trip to the caves in Phuong Nha. As you might know, the biggest cave in the world is in Vietnam and people from all around the world come to experience it. Not a light expedition though. But luckily for us there are other, smaller caves around it. The caves are situated near Phong Nha National Park, which is also  perfect for medium trekking. 

If your travel companions are old enough, you can do a bike- or hike tour to explore this fantastic green area. The whole family will be happy the peppy! Check out Chay Lap Farmstay for your stay and Oxalis for all kinds of hikes and tours. 

Breathtaking Phong Nha National Park

Zip lining and hot springs

Another great tip for traveling in Vietnam is an adventurous slash relaxed stay at the Alba resort in Hue. Next to the historic site of Hue, this resort is known for its relaxing hot springs and its awesome zip line park. Something for everyone!

Cool down in green Dalat

Did someone say fresh air? As the temperatures can rise high in Ho Chi Minh City, Dalat has one big fat plus and that’s the climate. Set in the Central Highlands, most of Vietnam’s flowers, coffee and strawberries come from here. There’s lots to do around Dalat: you can visit a coffee- or flower farm or go ziplining with the kids. Take one of the lovely hiking trails in the woods of Dalat, check out the mind boggling crazy house or let yourself go at rafting.

Visit between November and May to see Dalat at its best; when the flowers are blooming and everything’s green. After May it can be a bit more wet but we love to go there anyway. 


Long weekends in Vietnam: let’s hit the beach

It’s lovely to be traveling in Vietnam and to explore, but sometimes you just need some beach time. Vietnam has great beach destinations, like Hoi An, Na Trang or the hidden gem Whale Island and they’re perfect for a quick getaway. Plus, it will be much more relaxed without the hundreds of tourists now. All the inside tips for our all time fav destination Hoi An can be found here.

The beach is only a few hours away…

Of course Con Dao is the ultimate beach destination. Relax, enjoy, relax seems to be the motto of this small island of the coast of Ho Chi Minh City. Chances are you’re overwhelmed with its beauty and the magnificent views. It’s the ultimate zone-out place, but also a treat for snorkeling and diving enthusiasts. 

If you’re traveling in Vietnam and want to avoid air travel, then head off to Mui NeIt’s a 3.5-hour drive from Saigon and has many amazing resorts to choose from. The weather is beautiful this time of the year, which makes Mui Ne the perfect, hassle free destination. Check out our great tips for hotels and activities in Mui Ne.

Great stays just around the corner

Let’s start with some great options just around the corner. For a stay in the Mekong, it’s only a 90 minute drive to the lovely Island Lodge. Perfect for a quick getaway, it offers a lovely scenery by the river, beautiful rooms and a nice pool to relax by. 

The Island Lodge: some biking, boating or massage and back to the pool again! 

The five star alternative in the Mekong is called The Azerai. It’s a bit further, in Can Tho (3.5 hour drive). But if you’re in need of some serious pampering, it’s sooo worth the drive. Enjoy a trip to the floating market, take a Vietnamese cooking class or take some laps in the extensive pool, it’s all bliss!

Up for some glamping in the green? The Hippo Farm is perfect for you. The Hippo Farm is situated at a convenient 40 minute drive from Ho Chi Minh City, in the green countryside. Bring your own food and drinks, fire up the BBQ and sit at the lovely pool. Or do some walking or horseback riding (the hippo part refers to the lovely horses they keep here). You can even take riding lessons. And if you want to stay over, you can rent one of the 4 basic cabins. Very kid- and dog friendly and great for groups.

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