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From beautiful appetizers for cocktail hour to a delish private dinner or even a whopping pan of fresh paella, Tomatito Catering takes care of it all. You’ll be the perfect host without even breaking a sweat.

Have a party coming up? Dreading the menu planning, chasing the shops, thinking of the next course while trying to entertain the guests at the same time? Been there, done that. But here’s an thought; let the experts handle it. So that all you need to do is get your outfit together, relax and mingle.

At ease! Bring in the pros for the best buffet

Big or small, let the experts do the cooking

There are so many occasions where you could use perfectly organized catering with yummy food and drinks. A special birthday party, an anniversary celebration, a company dinner or a farewell – these are just a few examples of when it would be more than wonderful to have someone organizing it all for you. Imagine a fuzz-free Christmas party!

Tomatito is experienced in entertaining large groups of guests. You probably know their restaurant in District 1, where they serve amazing Spanish food in a great atmosphere. What better than to bring this to your own home or event?

For big parties with large groups of guests, Tomatito Catering has a choice of finger food. For the full experience, ask them to bring their paella pan. Your guests will love the sight of this Spanish dish being made in front of them and quickly queue up for a scoop of delish fresh paella from the chef.

Make sure you get a taste of Spain’s finest

Private dinners and Carefree Catering

Organizing a (Christmas) dinner or feeding a group (20 people and up) at home? Tomatito’s private chef and his team can arrange a restaurant-style spread – various menus available – for sure this will be a memorable evening.

By the way, Tomatito specializes in carefree catering; yep, this means they can take care of everything! Live Music or a DJ to spice things up? No worries, they’ll arrange it for you.

How to contact Tomatito Catering

Like what you’re reading? It gets better: For large groups, Tomatito will offer a free welcome drink.

For bookings and inquiries, check or send an e-mail to Hasta la vista!

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