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It’s time, you’re moving abroad. What a bummer to be leaving sweet-oh-sweet Saigon, we feel for ya. To make the departure a little less harsh, focus on filling that container and/or suitcases with some real Vietnamese treasures. It will be a great memory of Saigon ánd it will spice up your new interior. And hey, for you readers out there who are just visiting Saigon, these tips are a must-read for you too. Here’s an overview of the best (interior) buys in Ho Chi Minh!

Suitcase proof souvenirs

Amaï Ceramics
We just can’t get enough of these beautiful ceramics. Stack up on some beautiful tableware while you can and your dinner table will be one for the magazines at your new shack. The ceramics from Amaï brighten up any table and your guests will envy your for this original and stylish design. And by the way, they do travelproof wrapping.

Vietnamese tableware from Dông Gia 
This little shop called Dông Gia Enterprise on 114 Xuan Thuy Street in D2, is packed with firm, yet trendy tableware in mostly solid, earthy colors. The plates, cups and much more come in different sizes so this could be just what you are looking for. Highly popular among expats and visitors, this place is definitely worth a visit. Go without kids though; the shop is so tiny that chances are you’ll be paying for tableware that needs to be glued together…

Quán Bui Rice Bowls
Quán Bui is a Vietnamese restaurant where you can eat delish food all over the city and while you’re there, take a look at the cute ceramics that are for sale. The little bowls for rice and the bigger bowls for soup are lovely, but there’s one item that’s an abolute must-buy. It’s the big rice bowl with a lid. This baby will look nice on any dinner table and it will always remind you of your happy Ho Chi Minh days.

Food in a bowl at Quan Bui, we love it.


We’ve tried quite a few tailors and to tell you the truth, the quality differs a lot. A few good quality tailors are Tropic and Saigon Silk in District 2 and Thu Ha on 125 Nguyen van Giai in District 1. Not only can they do a decent job of copying clothing (which is what they do best), but they can also make beanbags and pillow/cushion covers. They’re quick, decently priced and they know how to sew.

Pillow covers

Vamping up your sofa with a new look is so so easy! Buy pillow covers with colorful prints of maps of Saigon or Vietnam and you’re all set. You can buy them for example at the left of the Wish shop on Thao Dien street in District 2. And pick up some lovely Murkani jewellery when you’re there.

Prints of ancient maps 

Worried about empty walls at your new place? You could buy a Vietnamese painting from one of the fine art galleries in Ho Chi Minh, but if you’re looking for something more affordable, yet decorative, why not buy an old map of Saigon or Vietnam? They come printed on canvas, wood or paper and they will look great on your wall. You can buy them at the Vesta bookstore on Thao Dien street in District 2.

Stop mapping around, buy one from Vesta bookstore

Container proof


Vietnam is home to many interior factories and the expertise is here. But most of these beauties are meant for export, what a shame. The upside is that you can have almost anything made or copied here. Bingo! The only thing is, where to go for good quality ánd a good price? Try Tracy Decor– an interior decorating company that can make anything, from sofas to curtains to chairs to practically anything. Founder Tracy knows what she’s talking about and her English is perfect, which makes it so much easier.

Footstools from Linh’s Furniture

Not one for in your hand luggage, but if you have a bit of room left in your container, make sure to add a ceramic footstool from Linh’s furniture. You won’t have to worry about knocking it over, because it is heavvy! And oh so pretty. Come to think of it, eye candy is the word for it.


One thing that is great about Vietnam, is that there are so many nice handicraft accessories to find. The Vietnamese baskets made of water hyacinth are certainly charming local additions to your new home. And the best thing is that you can buy them for a fraction of the prize that they go for when bought outside of Vietnam. Tucked away in a little street off Quoc Huong, we found this Grapefind: Hana, a home filled with baskets and bags. Ideal to put on your terrace for storage of swimmers or in the kids’ room to keep all the stuffed animals contained.

Planting pots

Yes, buy planting pots here. Why? Because they are waaay cheaper than back home and because they are such a nice addition to your garden. Mark our words, you are going to be happy. Go where? Pottery Street! Highway 13 to the Binh Duong area.

Something blue and something new – planting pots from Binh Duong

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