Sol Kitchen & Bar | Dinner Spots Dinner Spots

115 Ly Tu Trong, D1

Looking for a mean Margarita cocktail in the middle of District 1? Or a nice place to have dinner with your loved one? Or just craving some guacamole and fajitas before hitting the town with your friends? Sol Kitchen is the place for it all. Try the asada, the amazing ceviche or the crispy seabass, you’ll love it!

Besides the great food, the interior hits all the right spots as well. Situated in a 100 year old French building, the decor oozes a beautiful rustic style. What’s even better, the restaurant has a cool Latin American vibe going on without going all crazy on sombrero’s and cactus plants. Finally!

By the way, many of the Sol Kitchen & Bar employees come from the KOTO training center, so kudos for that!

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