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It’s certainly nice and – somewhat- cool in Saigon at the moment. But man that rain! So where to take your kids when it’s raining all day? We had the same question, so we made a list of more than 10 fun indoor kids activities for you in Ho Chi Minh City!

Indoor activities for kids in Saigon

The benefit of ever changing Saigon is that new activities keep popping up. So aside from the known Saigon kids activities, you can add these indoor play areas to your kids activity routine:

Yay a kids café

Bama kids cafe has a pleasant set up for parents and children. You can chill on the lounge seats while having your kids in sight. We would say children up to 5-6 years can play here, but from then, a playground like Jaspas is a better option.

Another great and convenient place to take smaller kids to on free parts of the day is Kids Cafe Lilliput

Or visit the new kid on the block in D2; La Rosa BistroGreat coffee and a nice big play area for the little ones. Many parents with babies visit this kid friendly bistro.

In District 7, parents are raving about Kiwooza Planet, a huge indoor play area, which is great till 6 years old. Not the cheapest option, but very clean and kind to your senses (aka we could still have a conversation). It’s even worth a drive from D2 😉

Not cheap but heaps of fun

Active indoor kids activities

Kids of various ages will enjoy the small playground in the Estella Place, complete with slide and a water play area. You’ll need to spend at least 100,000 VND per child to get entry, but that won’t be too hard with the shops nearby and the huge Annam Supermarket downstairs.

There’s also a venue of Saigon’s favorite playground Tini World at Estella (also at other malls like Vincom D2 and Land Mark 81). And if your offspring is at least 4 years  old, they might like the climbing wall next to the Estella playground. It’s great fun and only 80,000 VND for 10 climbs. Older kids will like Timezone, also on level 4.

Talking about climbing: Saigon Outcast has a great climbing area and it looks fantastic. Not unimportant, you can enjoy a cold drink at the seating area while the kids try out their skills. Not completely indoors but covered enough for that rainy day.

Indoor cold fun at Vincom

Indoor fun activities for bigger kids 

Here’s one you wouldn’t think of doing in a tropical city like Saigon: take your kids ice skating! On the 5th floor of the Vincom mega mall in District 2 is the amazing Vincom Ice Rink. It’s a cool haven, so you’ll need a sweatshirt and long pants. Try going during the week, because attempting to make a 3 turn on the ice is more fun when you don’t bump into hundreds of other people trying to figure out how to skate. Need a change of scenery? Check out the ice rink at Land Mark 81.

Get active and go bowling

It’s not how you roll, it’s how you bowl! Who doesn’t love an indoor active afternoon of bowling, accompanied by friends? And you know you have to giggle every time you put on those goofy shoes. It just doesn’t get old! Superbowl Vietnam in District 1 makes all of the above happen- enjoy!

To jump is to live @ Jump Arena

Jump jump

Jumping on a trampoline is a winner for both you and your kiddo: it’s a great work-out for you and for your mini-me it’s some seriously good fun! The Jump Arena located in District 2 and District 7 has 650 square meters of interconnected trampolines. If you’ve had enough but your child hasn’t? No worries, go upstairs and chill while letting the young ones jump up and down for a little bit longer.

Indoor Kids Activities For Creative kiddies

VinSpace Art Studio has top-notch art workshops for both adults and children and is located in District 2. If you think your mini-me doesn’t have the same finesse as van Gogh, you’ll be surprised what they are capable of with the right material and guidance! Our kids have been here numerous times and loved it- be sure to try it out.

Or take the kids on a 3D adventure! At the Artinus 3D museum in District 7, three-dimensional fun is guaranteed with more than a 1000 original 3D paintings. For those who like original profile pics on their Facebook page or what’s app account- there are many, many options here. Visiting from 5 years and up is recommended.

Creative minds at Vinspace

Recovering activities for the parents 😉

After all these playgrounds, ice skating, bowling, pony rides and go-karting, we recommend three things. One, book a 90-minute massage at Villa Aesthetica. Two, book at dinner for you and your hubby at Sorae or Anan and third, top it off with G&Ts at The Social Club!

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