64A Truong Dinh, D3. 41, Dong Khoi, D1

Hands down one of the most beautiful spas we’ve visited here. It starts with walking down a romantic lane covered with trees before entering this house of indulgement. From the moment you enter, everything just gushes relaxation. The decoration is so lovely and the scents are divine. It really feels like you’re in the Provence in France for a little while. Needless to say all the treatments are of excellent quality. They come with a price, but hey, sometimes we deserve it, right?

98 Nguyen Trai, 1st floor, D1

Not often will you encounter a hair salon this hidden. You have to enter shoe shop Gosto and go to the 1st floor. There’s no sign outside so they rely completely on clients hearing about it through the grapevine. Celebrity hair dressers Michael and Chiyono Barnes are top-notch, with experience in cities like London, Cape Town, Amsterdam and Tokyo. Celebrities from Hanoi fly in and out just to get their hair done here. We’ve been there and we so understand why. More than enough reason to pay a visit, wouldn’t you agree?

48 Tran Ngoc Dien, D2

This hair salon is pretty well hidden in district 2. If you come however without making an appointment, fat chance they’ll have time for you. This place is always packed with sunkissed babes looking for matching highlighted hairlocks. We’ve even had friends coming all the way from Singapore just to get their hair done here which says it all, right? If you want to leave feeling like a million bucks, top it off with a mani and pedi.

104A Xuan Thuy, D2

Quynh Salon is not your typical beauty parlor. It’s a combination of a social get-together and a beauty salon. You wouldn’t believe how busy this place is! You can get anything done here, from a mani to a haircut. Our fav is the hairwashing with a 30-minute head massage followed by a hairstyling (have you ever had 2 people blowdrying your hair?!). They’re so fast, good and cheap, you’re outside in no time with beautiful, frizz free hair. Don’t forget to tip!

25 Thao Dien St., D2

As you have probably noticed, there are about a zillion nail salons in Saigon, but which one to choose? The Nail Bar on Thao Dien Street gives good value for money. The ladies are qualified and friendly and the owner makes sure the costumer is satisfied. For the germophobes among us: you can buy your personalized box with nail equipment, which will be used for your nails only and kept for next time. A big YES!

37 Vo Truong Toan, D2

Ms Hong, the chatty and warm owner of this threading & waxing shop is super quick yet thorough, makes her own natural wax from honey and lemon and offers a very decent price. For the ISHCMC moms among us: this salon is conveniently located right opposite the school. So drop your kids at school and cross the street for a quick fix!