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Plastic Fantastic? Not for nature, it isn’t. It is high time we do something about our plastic addiction and reduce our usage of plastic here in Vietnam.

Countries like Bangladesh, Bali, New Zealand and many African nations like Rwanda have banned single use plastic. Luckily, Vietnam is pledging to get on board as well: from 2025 onwards, it will ban all single use plastics. Yay!

In the meantime we all need to improve our personal plastic diet and stop contributing to the problem. The Saigon nonprofit organization Rethink Plastic Vietnam is helping us; they do a yearly Plastic Awareness Month. But why wait if we can start reducing our plastic use now?

What can I do to reduce plastic in Vietnam?

There’s a lot you can do! We will walk you through some quick fixes to cut back on plastics. They are easier than you might think and we’ll tell you about a few awesome new stores we found that can help us with this. Come on, let’s go on a plastic diet together!

Quick fixes to support Mother Nature

1. Reduce, Re-use and Recycle!

Jack Johnson is right, no need to use that coffee- or juice cup one time and then just chuck it away! Let’s all buy a reusable coffee cup and water bottle instead. You can buy them at various places, like in the shops mentioned below, as well as Starbucks and Uncle Bills.

Let’s fill ‘m up and feel goood at Lai Day

Better yet, go to Lai Day Refill station in District 2 or District 7 and buy one there. While you’re at it, refill your hand wash and shampoo bottles. We’re massive fans of this great shop. If you’re serious about going green, this is THE place to go. Or visit their website.

See, it’s no punishment at all, to reduce your plastic usage here in Vietnam. Not with all these lovely soaps and shampoo bars around. Saigon Suds offers a full range of zero-waste, homemade, natural soaps and have recently started offering face oils and shampoo bars. No plastic wrappers or packaging needed. Every product smells heavenly and their skincare products are very popular.

And hey, let’s stop buying plastic sandwich wrappings. Cling film is from the past. Honey Bee Wraps makes 100% cotton, organic beeswax coated wraps that keep your food fresh and it can be re-used. Multiple sizes are available.

Stock up on your re-usable containers. At Vincom Center Landmark 81, the fantastic LocknLock store  (also great for household and bathroom items) will have a re-usable container for almost every use. No need for single use plastic again!

Use a reusable coffee cup instead

2. A no brainer: bring your own shopping bag (or go bio-gradable)

Come on! This is old school! Just bring your own shoppers when buying your groceries. You’ll look cool and besides, accepting a plastic bag at the supermarket is sooo 20th century (from when we were ignorant and didn’t know better).

And if you really need to use plastic, make sure it’s the bio-gradable version. WAVE comes with a great initiative: they produce a cassava-based plastic bag alternative which contains zero actual plastic and is made from cassava starch using a proprietary process. Check out where to buy one of these awesome bags. And if you have a dog, make sure you buy their biodegradable poo bags as well!

So much more stylish than a plastic bag!

3.  Reduce plastic: say NO to the plastic straw

A great way to reduce plastic is to stop using straws. More and more venues have started to introduce the no-straw policy, yay! A few good examples in D2 are Mekong Merchant, Mandala, Pasta Fresca and Snap Cafe. In D1, The House of Barbaard and Jake’s BBQ are doing a great, conscious job. Go to these places to have your juice without a plastic straw. And ask places who do use them, to get rid of them. Or even better, buy your own reusable straw: Green Around the Corner is the place to go.

4. Food delivery: skip the plastic

Ordering delivery- or take away food also has a huge impact on single-use plastic. Of course you’re not accepting the plastic cutlery anymore, but how to avoid the packaging? There are alternatives. 

L’Herbanyste makes yummy vegan and vegetarian lunches and if you’re eating out, they will deliver in non plastic packaging. Well done we say! You can also bring you own re-usable Tupperware. Mind you, other restaurants will applaud you as well, when you bring your own container. Just do it.

Our favorite lunch place Kashew Cheese has the most delicious sandwiches, but what’s even more beautiful about them, is that they don’t use plastics in their packaging. So if you order out, make sure to do it there.

These are just a few examples of what you can do to reduce your plastic use – easy right? If you need any more convincing, read  or  The complete guide to zero waste. And be sure to watch the spectacular documentary A Plastic Ocean on Netflix. Also good to watch with the kids. Changed our lives.

And make sure to follow Rethink Plastic Vietnam – you can like their page rethinkplasticvietnam to stay updated on all their plastic reducing events. There are some fun kids activities as well!

More great products that are kind for the earth, like the fantastic seed postcards that recycle into wild flowers, are for sale at Custom Earth. Great website for the green upgrade of your company or school.

We are in Team Nature!

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