#178ab, Preah Trasak Paem St. (63)

Display is an interior decoration concept-store, where you will find trendy, contemporary and quirky accessories for your home.
Are you looking for a coffee table, clock, bookcase or a vase? These are just one of the many things in the store.

Behind Brown Roastery, Street 315, Phnom Penh

Enginou is a small shop that offers quality educational toys for kids. They carry book for all ages, games, wooden puzzles and toys and many more!
After shopping you can get a cup of coffee at Browns and the kids can play at the small playground in front of the store!

One of the advantages of living abroad is that you can discover a different cuisine. Yet there are times when you yearn for something familiar and then the search begins. We have highlighted a number of stores that have imported products on their shelves.

Aeon Supermarket
With an extensive range of high quality imported and local groceries, Aeon is the largest supplier in the country. Dairy and snack products from China, meat and wine from Australia and pasta from Italy.

Thai Huot
Many dry herbs, nuts and seeds can be found in these narrowly set up shops. You can also go here for the dairy products and wide range of (French) biscuits. They also sell good quality bread that they bake in their own bakery.

Lucky Supermarket
This supermarket has a wide range of French brands, including the well-known Casino chain. So are you looking for dairy products from France, baby food or wine? Chances are that you will succeed here.

Super Duper Supermarket
All Super Duper Supermarket stores are open 24/7, 365 days a year. Super Duper stores are well stocked with a wide selection of Fresh Fruit & Veggies, Dairy, Frozen Foods, Treats & Imported products.

For your online shopping visit Delishop or Grocerdel.

Lola Ola sells amazing handmade accessories produced in Cambodia. Like various waterproof handbags and clutches that you can take to the pool or beach.
The brand was founded by four Spanish ladies from different backgrounds. Fascinated by the idea of starting a small business to support locals. The result is a line of accessories that make you go ohlala!

You can order your own Lola Ola splash bag from there Facebook website. Go check it out!


Annabelle Hope is a Phnom Penh based fashion brand that has quality products which respect our people and our planet.
You can order all kinds of fashion items like cute dresses, bloomers and playtime pants. But our favorites are the scrunchies!

Throughout the year we’re always on the lookout for nice – or dare we say- educational toys for our children. Well, we made your search in Phnom Penh just a bit easier. Here’s a small selection of good toy stores; to order online or browse at the store.
In this online shop you can find everyday baby products, baby gears, toys and furniture for the nursery.
They sell up to the age of 6 and deliver for free!

If you are looking for Lego this is THE store. At Lego Cambodia you can find almost all types and themes  from Lego. They also sell some other toys like cars and play tables.

Maisy has a wide selection of toys. Nice children’s books, beautiful wooden toys, shoes and backpacks. You will certainly succeed in this store!

Unique hand knit products and locally made, which we love.
Cute finger puppets, educational stacking toys and crazy creatures, you name it – they knit it in the most pretty colors.

Last but not least. House of Tots sells Montessori toys, books, furniture and decor for your little ones! And what’s vene better, most toys are easy on the parents eyes as well. Beautiful soft pastels, very Instagram worthy. After all, we’re raising 21st century babies.
Have fun shopping!!

There is always time for cake and cookies! If it’s a birthday, an anniversary or just a craving. We have listed a number of nice shops for you so you can give in to your sweet tooth.

GK Bake
Bring a little sweetness in your daily live with these cakes, cupcakes, cookies and many more. For special occasions or even for your daily sweet dose.

Bloom is a café & cake shop baking up delicious treats. Known for wedding, birthday and celebration cakes.

Whipped Bakery
Cookies, brownies and layer cakes are all very tasteful. But their cinnamon rolls are the best!

Eat Sweet
Home made tarts, pastries and macarons if you crave these. This bakery gives you a French feeling.

Max Choco
They offer high quality cakes, cupcakes and dessert at a very reasonable price. Only natural and high quality ingredients are used. Make your celebrations extra special with the customized cakes and other products.