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Vietnam has the best beaches and this one is only a drive away from Ho Chi Minh City. Once a sleepy fishing village, now 12 kilometers of beach and nice resorts. So pack those swimmers and hop in the car!

A big bonus of living in Saigon is that Mui Ne is only 3.5 hours drive away. Offering better resorts and beach life than Vung Tau and being much closer than Nha Trang, Mui Ne is a great getaway when craving some sun and sand. Perfect for a weekend away with the family, with visitors or just the two of you!

Explore Mui Ne, the beach near Saigon

If your itinerary is relaxing, reading, lounging, spa-ing, and dining, Mui Ne is the place to be. There’s a wide choice of great hotels and resorts to spend some leisure days. Done with relaxing? Mui Ne has more to offer, such as the famous red and white sand dunes, where you can go sand boarding. The red dunes are closest to town, about 11 km away from town. There’s a little stream to walk through, which is a bit touristic but can be fun with the kids.

But Mui Ne is also known as kite sailing heaven. Kiters (and surfers) from all over the world come here to enjoy the waves and the wind. If you want, you can give it a try yourself and book a lesson at one of the kite schools. Brainwave: just look up from your book once in a while and enjoy the others trying!

Don’t expect much from the town itself though. The tourist strip is frankly quite depressing and there are only a handful of nice bars and restaurants. Sandals in the Mia resort is a nice pick and so is the restaurant at the Victoria resort. Jibes and Pogo are popular hangouts among kite surfers.

Hop on your sand board and explore

How to get to Mui Ne

If you have a car, just pack your swimmers and make sure you leave early or late to avoid traffic. Driving during lunch might work as well. In any case, don’t drive during peak hours, because it will take you 90 minutes just to get out of (or back into) Saigon. If you don’t have a car, you can hire one or arrange a transfer via your hotel in Mui Ne.

Best hotels and resorts in Mui Ne

There are many options to stay in Mui Ne. We love the Sailing Club Resort which is on the expensive side but has the best brekkies, lovely rooms, and a small kids club. However, the pool area is quite intimate, so best to avoid if you have dynamic and loud kids (like us). We rather go here as a couple.

Cham villas is a bit better priced and comes recommended. Right at the beach, it has a beautiful set up, a nice small pool and spacious cabins.

The Sunsea resort is popular as well, with great cottages and a nice pool.

The charming, family owned, Coco Beach has reasonably priced bungalows, grass for the kids to run, a small, but nice pool and you can even take your dog if you fancy.

When to visit Mui Ne

Mui Ne is nice to visit almost all year long. The weather is pretty dry all year and even in the rainy season, there seems to be very little rain. However, it can be blazing hot… most people feel the best time to visit Mui Ne is between October and April. December and January can be pretty busy. Surfing wise, the weeks between August and November are perfect.

In January, April and July, Mui Ne organizes its own street food festival, which is worth visiting.

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