Lunch! Pranzo, déjeuner, almuerzo or as the Vietnamese say: bữa ăn trưa. Sure, you can pack your lunch in the morning, but why on earth would you?! You can have a great lunch at so many places in Ho Chi Minh City. L’Usine, Au Parc, The Vintage Emporium and Poke Saigon are just drops in the huge yummy Saigon lunch bucket. Here’s a selection of some of the best places to have lunch in Ho Chi Minh. 

Hidden gems of Saigon

One of the reasons to love Saigon is because of the endless hidden gems. The best way to find these is to simply choose your spot and wander around the back streets until you find something that takes you fancy. Our best meals have been at places we would never be able to find again! If you don’t have time to wander and want a guaranteed good meal in D2, head to My Hanoi Kitchen for some guaranteed Vietnamese comfort food or The Green Box for a healthy but very hearty and tasty salad.

We love Vo Roof Garden

Let’s go vegan

Let’s eat vegan in Saigon and let’s do it at the Prem Bistro & Cafe. There’s enough choice to pick your fav seating area: the lovely outdoor terrace, the open-air area and the indoor cozy floor-seating section. Once you’re nice and comfy, have a go at the eggplant rolls, the quinoa & sweet potato burger or the lentil soup.

108eatery in District 2 is going on your list of fav lunch spots in Saigon. The vegan Korean food is delicious, the interior snug and zen and the staff is super friendly. The surroundings are serene and you will be too when sitting in this little gem. Order the vegan burger or the Bibimbap with a home-made kombucha!

Ooz & savour at the 108eatery

More great lunch spots in Ho Chi Minh

Who says a burger can’t be an elegant dish? At Marcel Gourmet Burger, burgers are turned into little pieces of gourmet art and they taste goood. The french fries are just as tasty and crunchy. Add to that a cozy interior and friendly staff and you’re all set.

Do as the Vietnamese do and eat Pho! The famous soup consisting of broth, rice noodles, herbs and meat is considered a healthy and light breakfast in Vietnam. But why not have it for lunch? Exactly, and the place you go to for a great one is Mama Pho.

Try the ‘pho’nomenal famous Vietnamese soup

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2 Dong Khoi, level 3, D1

Strolling down Dhong Khoi in district 1 and a craving for an Aussie inspired brekkie or brunch? Climb the stairs to level 3 where Godmother serves a stylish and wholesome brunch all day long. Ignore the motorbike honking outside and you’ll find yourself in hip and healthy Sydney. Oh my, how pretty everything looks! They’re quite serious about their coffee as well.

Open 8am til 8 or 9pm every day


28 Ngo Quang Huy, D2

Looking for a good place to brunch, lunch or munch? We found it! Cafe Marcel, the sibling of Marcel Gourmet Burger, moved from the city center to the little bubble that we like to call District 2. Great for weekday lunches or weekend brunches. Put us in a hip and bright space, with a menu full of great brunch options and we’re happy. We’re sure you’ll be too. And yes, plenty of Insta ops as well, my friends!

Open 8am – 6pm every day

215E4 Nguyen Van Huong, District 2

Tucked away in a compound in district 2, is a healthy heaven for all lunch lovers. The interior is light and bright and so is the menu. All options are vegetarian and many are gluten-free. There’s even a spa with plant-based treatments upstairs. But no socks-in-sandals lovers here! The crowd is hip and the outdoor seating looks like a slice of Ibiza. Delish. If you visit here and love it, check out their sister concepts; Planta and Wild Thyme which are also both vegan/vegetarian and located in D2.

Open 8am-5pm Tuesday – Sunday

1, Street 39, D2

Hello Vintage Emporium! A true hidden gem in District 2 and a great new spot for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The food is great – we love the salads, gluten-free pancakes and the delicious juices. And let’s not forget the super snazzy interior. It even has a swimming pool outside so Sunday brunch with your family is a winner for all.

Monday – Friday 11:30 – 14:30 they have an amazing 2 course set lunch starting at only 175,000 VND!

23 Han Thuyen, D1

You can’t go wrong when choosing from the Mediterranean inspired Au Parc menu. Located conveniently around the corner of the Notre Dame, this place is our first choice when we are craving a nice salad with labneh for lunch, or need to refuel after walking the tourist trail with our visitors. Everyone feels right at home in this three level restaurant!

2nd floor, 42 Nguyen Hue, D1

One of our favorite buildings in the heart of Saigon, #42 Nguyen Hue, houses all kinds of restaurants and little shops. This is Saigon at its best; you have to go past the motorcycle parking on the ground floor and climb dirty stairs to enter a world of hipness. Poke Saigon is right at home here; this cool tiny place offers fresh and healthy salads, originating from Hawaii. You can do take-out, but we prefer to eat lunch there. Come early!

6/1/2 Nguyen U Di, D2

MAD house is great for lunch and dinner. Set up by a Danish couple, MAD house serves a Scandinavian inspired menu ranging from salads, sandwiches, and steaks. We love the burgers, including their veggie option. The steaks are excellent and come with even better fries. And to let you in on a little secret… MAD House does a yummy Sunday brunch as well! Option to sit in- and outdoors.

8/15 Le Thanh Ton, D1

Great for lunch, dinner and take out, 4P’s is a restaurant with a mission. They have a strong ethos of ‘from farm to table’ and with all of that delicious produce, they can’t go wrong. We go there because of their pasta, cheese fondue and especially for their crazy pizza’s! Why order a Margherita if you can have a have pizza with teriyaki, zucchini flower or with salmon and miso? Go wild we say! Also at Ben Tanh, Xuan Thuy in Thao Dien, D2, and Saigon Centre.

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