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With various holidays coming up this year and some long weekends ahead, great to get cracking on that travel bucket list! If you haven’t booked anything yet, don’t panic, we’ve got your back.

Long weekends in Vietnam: let’s go sight seeing

There are so many bucket list destinations in and around Vietnam. How nice to have those long weekends to explore them!

In Vietnam, adventurous Halong Bay and buzzing little town Hoi An are definitely must-do destinations. The after summer months are great for Halong Bay travel, as it can be quite cold at the end of the year. Best to fly to Hai Phong and hop on your boat cruise from there. Spending at least 2 nights on the water is ideal and will give you enough time to explore the caves, go kayaking, enjoy the scenery and get zen. Check out our tips here.

Captain my captain: enjoying Halong Bay

Hanoi has just come out of it hottest time of the year, so September and October are perfect to visit the capital. Packed with history and full of great sight seeing and the yummiest street food ever, it’s a family friendly hotspot you shouldn’t miss!

Outside of Vietnam, one of our favorite short getaway places is Angkor Wat. This is the ideal spot to go to during the coming long weekends in Vietnam, whether it’s with the family, a group or just the two of you. Best thing; it’s just a short flight to Siem Riep so you’ll be there in no time! The town of Siem Reap offers fantastic hotels and the temples of Angkor will make your children feel like Lara Croft or Indiana Jones. To make things easier, we’ll tell you exactly what to do and where to stay in Siem Reap and Angkor Wat.

Long weekend City Trip 

Those long weekends in Vietnam are perfect to hop on a plane and explore some of the great cities nearby, like Hong Kong or Singapore.

Singapore is a great city to get started, it’s such a surprisingly nice destination. The restaurants, the shops, the beach clubs, there’s something for everyone. Don’t hesitate if you want to go with the kids;  Singapore has great kids facilities and it’s easy to get around. And don’t forget the amazing Singapore Zoo! In short, a perfect short get-away. The whole family will be happy the peppy!

Hong Kong is an amazing city with lots of highlights. It’s not only about Disneyland, but also about pretty beaches, hiking, shopping till you drop and hip restaurants. Although your kids will probably only hear ‘Disneyland’.

Serious guards with serious swords outside the Changdeokgung Palace in Seoul

A bit further away, but great fun with or without your family posse, is the buzzing city of Seoul. From HCMC airport, it’s about a 5-hour flight to this amazing city. Yes, we made a girls only trip out of it, but it’s also great fun to go with the family. If your travel companions are old enough, you can do a bike tour to explore this fantastic city. If they’re rather walking, combine it with the subway or taxi and check out the amazing Changdeokgung Palace – great to see the guards and people in traditional Korean clothes. But we have so many more tips on Seoul, like where to do that famous Korean barbecuing!

Long weekends in Vietnam: let’s hit the beach

Just longing for some beach time? Vietnam has great beach destinations, like Hoi An, Na Trang or the hidden gem Whale Island.

If you’re trying to avoid air travel, then head off to Mui NeIt’s a 3.5-hour drive from Saigon and has many amazing resorts to choose from. The weather is beautiful this time of the year, which makes Mui Ne the perfect, hassle free destination. Check out our great tips for hotels and activities in Mui Ne.

Mui Ne is only a few hours away…

Great holiday destinations

You might be able to find some more time of the coming months. Margaret River, on the west coast of Australia is the ideal place to visit if you have a week or more. The laid-back country life with its delicious food, nice weather and great outdoors… Can you imagine a better family holiday? Click here to get the best tips on where to go and what to do!

And what about beautiful Bali? The food, the beaches, the shopping! Bali has something to offer for everyone and each area is different. The list of what to do in Bali is endless. Not to worry, we have explored & experienced this fab island and made you a super list of where to go in Bali. And did you know there’s a direct flight now? Yihaa!

Blissful Bali, soak up the nature, the food and the culture

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