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With its welcoming community, a focus on learning by exploring and a campus with lush green gardens, right in the middle of Thao Dien, Lavelle Academy offers something different. An international preschool with an eye for creativity and nature.

Lavelle Academy is one of those places you visit and instantly you realize that you click with its philosophy. Because they focus on the whole development of your child, there’s a lot of attention to developing social skills, physical development and independence. The key of Lavelle’s child-centered approach is emotional development. They believe in learning children strategies of how to learn. By this, they’re preparing their students for the ever-changing modern world we’re living in. Impressed? Wait until you see inside the Lavelle Campus premises.

The lush green surroundings of Lavelle Academy Preschool

The Lavelle Campus: a green oasis in the middle of District 2

The facilities of Lavelle Academy Preschool are pretty amazing. The campus is designed by a renowned American architect, who has the children’s development and safety in mind. It shows, because we’ve never seen a preschool in Ho Chi Minh City with so much greenery for a play area as this one. Next to that, it has spacious class rooms and a tree-top playground. This really is a playground that stimulates the kids to see things from a different perspective! And did you know that Lavelle’s offering a salt-water swimming pool, an art studio, a vegetable garden where kids can grow their own greens, ánd a dance studio?

Lavelle Academy strongly believes in establishing healthy eating habits. They take pride in their fresh and healthy school meals and snacks, making sure the children receive the essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients for healthy growth and development. Fresh, locally sourced food is prepared daily on site.

Classrooms designed so that children can learn the way they learn best

Awesome after-school activities

After class, children can take part in Lavelle’s After-Class Club. From 3 years old and up, your child can enroll in private piano lessons, private swimming lessons and ballet lessons. The ballet is run by Alpha School of Dance, which is a Royal Academy of Dance registered school.

Want to take a look yourself and visit Lavelle Academy?

Good idea! Contact Lavelle Academy by sending an email to or go to the Lavelle Academy website to make an appointment.

Lavelle Academy Preschool

AGE: 18 months – 6 years


LOCATION: So 14, Duong 12, Thao Dien, District 2, HCMC