With its welcoming community, a focus on learning by exploring and a campus with lush green gardens, right in the middle of Thao Dien, Lavelle Academy offers something different. An international preschool with an eye for creativity and nature.

Lavelle Academy is one of those places you visit and instantly you realize that you click with its philosophy. Because they focus on the whole development of your child, there’s a lot of attention to developing social skills, physical development and independence. The key of Lavelle’s child-centered approach is emotional development. They believe in learning children strategies of how to learn. By this, they’re preparing their students for the ever-changing modern world we’re living in. Impressed? Wait until you see inside the Lavelle Campus premises.

The lush green surroundings of Lavelle Academy Preschool

The Lavelle Campus: a green oasis in the middle of District 2

The facilities of Lavelle Academy Preschool are pretty amazing. The campus is designed by a renowned American architect, who has the children’s development and safety in mind. It shows, because we’ve never seen a preschool in Ho Chi Minh City with so much greenery for a play area as this one. Next to that, it has spacious class rooms and a tree-top playground. This really is a playground that stimulates the kids to see things from a different perspective! And did you know that Lavelle’s offering a salt-water swimming pool, an art studio, a vegetable garden where kids can grow their own greens, ánd a dance studio?

Lavelle Academy strongly believes in establishing healthy eating habits. They take pride in their fresh and healthy school meals and snacks, making sure the children receive the essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients for healthy growth and development. Fresh, locally sourced food is prepared daily on site.

Classrooms designed so that children can learn the way they learn best

Awesome after-school activities

After class, children can take part in Lavelle’s After-Class Club. From 3 years old and up, your child can enroll in private piano lessons, private swimming lessons and ballet lessons. The ballet is run by Alpha School of Dance, which is a Royal Academy of Dance registered school.

Want to take a look yourself and visit Lavelle Academy?

Good idea! Contact Lavelle Academy by sending an email to info@lavelleliving.com or go to the Lavelle Academy website to make an appointment.

Lavelle Academy Preschool

AGE: 18 months – 6 years


LOCATION: So 14, Duong 12, Thao Dien, District 2, HCMC

WEBSITE: www.lavelleacademy.com


It’s certainly nice and – somewhat- cool in Saigon at the moment. But man that rain! So where to take your kids when it’s raining all day? We had the same question, so we made a list of more than 10 fun indoor kids activities for you in Ho Chi Minh City!

Indoor activities for kids in Saigon

The benefit of ever changing Saigon is that new activities keep popping up. So aside from the known Saigon kids activities, you can add these indoor play areas to your kids activity routine:

Yay a kids café

Bama kids cafe has a pleasant set up for parents and children. You can chill on the lounge seats while having your kids in sight. We would say children up to 5-6 years can play here, but from then, a playground like Jaspas is a better option.

Another great and convenient place to take smaller kids to on free parts of the day is Kids Cafe Lilliput

Or visit the new kid on the block in D2; La Rosa BistroGreat coffee and a nice big play area for the little ones. Many parents with babies visit this kid friendly bistro.

In District 7, parents are raving about Kiwooza Planet, a huge indoor play area, which is great till 6 years old. Not the cheapest option, but very clean and kind to your senses (aka we could still have a conversation). It’s even worth a drive from D2 😉

Not cheap but heaps of fun

Active indoor kids activities

Kids of various ages will enjoy the small playground in the Estella Place, complete with slide and a water play area. You’ll need to spend at least 100,000 VND per child to get entry, but that won’t be too hard with the shops nearby and the huge Annam Supermarket downstairs.

There’s also a venue of Saigon’s favorite playground Tini World at Estella (also at other malls like Vincom D2 and Land Mark 81). And if your offspring is at least 4 years  old, they might like the climbing wall next to the Estella playground. It’s great fun and only 80,000 VND for 10 climbs. Older kids will like Timezone, also on level 4.

Talking about climbing: Saigon Outcast has a great climbing area and it looks fantastic. Not unimportant, you can enjoy a cold drink at the seating area while the kids try out their skills. Not completely indoors but covered enough for that rainy day.

Indoor cold fun at Vincom

Indoor fun activities for bigger kids 

Here’s one you wouldn’t think of doing in a tropical city like Saigon: take your kids ice skating! On the 5th floor of the Vincom mega mall in District 2 is the amazing Vincom Ice Rink. It’s a cool haven, so you’ll need a sweatshirt and long pants. Try going during the week, because attempting to make a 3 turn on the ice is more fun when you don’t bump into hundreds of other people trying to figure out how to skate. Need a change of scenery? Check out the ice rink at Land Mark 81.

Get active and go bowling

It’s not how you roll, it’s how you bowl! Who doesn’t love an indoor active afternoon of bowling, accompanied by friends? And you know you have to giggle every time you put on those goofy shoes. It just doesn’t get old! Superbowl Vietnam in District 1 makes all of the above happen- enjoy!

To jump is to live @ Jump Arena

Jump jump

Jumping on a trampoline is a winner for both you and your kiddo: it’s a great work-out for you and for your mini-me it’s some seriously good fun! The Jump Arena located in District 2 and District 7 has 650 square meters of interconnected trampolines. If you’ve had enough but your child hasn’t? No worries, go upstairs and chill while letting the young ones jump up and down for a little bit longer.

Indoor Kids Activities For Creative kiddies

VinSpace Art Studio has top-notch art workshops for both adults and children and is located in District 2. If you think your mini-me doesn’t have the same finesse as van Gogh, you’ll be surprised what they are capable of with the right material and guidance! Our kids have been here numerous times and loved it- be sure to try it out.

Or take the kids on a 3D adventure! At the Artinus 3D museum in District 7, three-dimensional fun is guaranteed with more than a 1000 original 3D paintings. For those who like original profile pics on their Facebook page or what’s app account- there are many, many options here. Visiting from 5 years and up is recommended.

Creative minds at Vinspace

Recovering activities for the parents 😉

After all these playgrounds, ice skating, bowling, pony rides and go-karting, we recommend three things. One, book a 90-minute massage at Villa Aesthetica. Two, book at dinner for you and your hubby at Sorae or Anan and third, top it off with G&Ts at The Social Club!

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Vista An Phu 628c Xa Lo Ha Noi, D2

Kids Cafe Lilliput on the groundfloor of The Vista An Phu is a Korean franchise with its first opening in Saigon. This place is just great. Easy on the eyes with soft colours, soft music, nice snacks & drinks and a fun playing area for kids. You don’t have to worry having to eagle-eye your kids all the time, because they are within sight, what a relief. For lucky little girls, there’s even a small spa on the playground where they can have their nails polished.


Location: District 2

Age: 1,5 – 6 years

Language: English

Description: Lavelle Academy provides care for children aged 18 months to 6 years old, focused on curiosity and creativity in children.

Uniform: Yes

Air purifier in classrooms: Yes

Do you desire to raise a happy, content child who is also a life-long learner? MIS is devoted to providing the opportunity for your child to become a happy, confident and responsible individual with an intrinsic motivation for life-long learning. Be sure to read on for more information!

What makes the Montessori International School of Vietnam unique?

MIS aims at helping each child to development wholly as a unique individual. At MIS children learn by doing. They work at their own pace, establish a love of learning, grow in the ability to think outside the box, and develop their empathy and emotional intelligence. These important attributes and skills will enable them in the future to embrace challenges and be proactive. By learning at MIS, children will be given the opportunity to grow and develop into people who desire to improve, influence, and ignite happiness in not only their own lives but also the lives of those around them.

What is the teaching approach of the Montessori International School of Vietnam?

Every child learns differently and MIS views the child as one who is naturally eager for knowledge and capable of initiating learning in a supportive, thoughtfully prepared learning environment. Dr. Maria Montessori’s celebrated method values the development of the whole child. It allows children to progress by absorbing information from holistic curriculum, under the direction of trained teachers. The adult’s guidance and activities of MIS promote the development of social skills, emotional growth and physical coordination as well as cognitive preparation for future intellectual academic endeavors.

The Montessori approach towards education unites school-learning with society-encouraging initiatives. It helps the child develop various skills and characteristics such as independent learning, self-discipline and responsible social behavior.

At the Montessori International School of Vietnam, each child can blossom

Differences between Montessori and traditional schools

Want to know more about Montessori teaching method? Here are some additional links!

Click here for more information about MIS – Vietnam programs

Click here for more information about MIS’s specific style of teaching

Click here for more information about the Americal Montessori Society

Click here for more information about AMI – Assocation Montessori Internationale

What does the Montessori International School of Vietnam have to offer?

The diversity of MIS, the infrastructures and services MIS provides distinguishes it from other schools. MIS is proud to offer unprecedented services including but not limited to transportation, flexible and customized schedules, after school care and activities, pre-enrollment programs with presence of parents or nannies inside the class, and more. The facilities include air purifiers inside each classroom, top quality learning materials and spacious, child appropriately designed classrooms.

Not only are the students internationally diverse, the teaching staff is as well. The teachers are qualified and experienced across the whole school while those caring for infants have additional and extensive experience and knowledge in child care and parenting approaches.

In the Infant Toddler Class at the An Phu Campus, MIS not only practices the Montessori Method but also follows the worldwide popular approach of Resources for Infant Educators (RIE). RIE inspires MIS to hold a firm belief in respect of the child and total trust in their decision.

On an academic level, children are encouraged to explore their natural desire to learn in a comfortable environment that is emotionally nurturing, cognitively challenging, and physically safe. In MIS’s environment students can feel confident to engage and make their own discoveries through activities that are age appropriate, fun, and fulfill each child cognitively, socially, emotionally, and physically.

What parents say about the school

In short: 4 reasons to pick MIS

  1. MIS is the first Montessori School in Vietnam with over a decade of experience in providing a Montessori curriculum serving children from 0.5-12 years old. MIS understands Montessori is more than a name and inspiration; they practice and teach the philosophy of the Montessori Method.
  2. MIS aims to provide happy and learning experiences that unfold each child’s unique potential. Each child’s whole development is today’s focus of MIS — so they can become a capable, responsible and fulfilled citizen of tomorrow.
  3. MIS provides various programs and excellent services that are continuously evolving to serve different needs and expectations of different communities. MonPLAY® , MonArt®, Parent-Child and Early Start are programs available to the public before families decide to enrol their child.
  4. Modern languages are used throughout the school. English is the primary language of instruction while Chinese Mandarin, French, Spanish and Vietnamese classes are also offered.

MIS is more than happy to welcome you for a tour at the school or to explain more about this celebrated teaching method. Please contact miss Libby Austin, the Operations and Programme Manager from MIS at montessorischoolvietnam@gmail.com

Hey mum-to-be! Looking forward to the new addition to your family? To make this transition as smooth as possible, some preparation is vital. Let’s talk about all those things you were dying to know (and sometimes were afraid to ask) about having a baby in Ho Chi Minh. Hospitals, exercise, buying baby stuff…the works!

Preparing: Medical Care and Prenatal Classes

That pregnancy test was an easy one, you can get them at every drugstore in Saigon. But then what?

When you’re having a baby in Ho Chi Minh, your first medical check-up is generally planned when you’re around 6-8 weeks pregnant. There are several great gynecologists in Ho Chi Minh City, most medical clinics can help you find the right one. Note that your gynecologist will guide you through this whole bump to baby journey; he or she will do all your check-ups as well as the delivery. You should get monthly or bi-monthly check-ups, often with an ultra sound. Make sure to mention if you don’t want to know the sex of the baby, otherwise they will be hanging the pink or blue banners before you know it.

Ever done a prenatal side bend?

Prenatal classes in Saigon

It’s improving, but the number of prenatal classes being offered in Saigon could still use a push so to say. Crossfit Thao Dien is launching a Mums and Mums-to-be club on Tuesday and Sunday mornings. You’ll learn how to exercise safely and prepare your body for childbirth as well as ensuring a safe recovery afterwards.

Mandala organizes monthly meet-ups for expecting moms as well as pre-natal yoga and pilates classes. They have recently moved so be sure to check out their new location at 215 Nguyen Van Huong, just past BIS Junior Campus in D2.  Another option to stay fit while being pregnant and after delivery is the Aqua Gym and Aqua Bump classes in D2.

Meeting your mini-me face to face

Where to have your baby: the best hospitals in Ho Chi Minh City 

There’s no shortage of medical practices in Ho Chi Minh City, but when you’re having a baby, you should feel comfortable and confident about where you’re giving birth. So make sure you and your partner check out the options. FV Hospital in District 7 comes recommended for the high standards of service and experienced Vietnamese doctors. Dr Hieu in particular is well known for evidence based childbirth practises such as VBAC and minimal intervention. At FV, you’ll be able to get an epidural but will not have access to some of the other pain management options you would be used to in your home country.

Hanh Phuc Hospital has slightly more choice during labour, with access to a labour bath, gas and air and epidurals as well as the only European Obstetrician in Saigon: Dr Riche. He comes highly recommended on many Facebook groups and has 21 years of experience under his belt. Hanh Phuc hospital specializes in women and children’s care. It provides good service and better rates than some other hospitals.

Keep in mind that in both hospitals, not all midwives speak perfect English. We have the perfect solution for that in Hattie Hollowell; an international midwife.

Hattie Hollowell – The International Midwife Co Saigon

The International Midwife Co – Saigon

This new service is a game changer for anyone giving birth in Saigon in 2022; especially if you are anxious about the language barrier or cultural differences when having a baby in Vietnam. Run by Hattie, a midwife from England with 8 years experience in maternity and obstetrics, The International Midwife Co – Saigon has so much to offer. Hattie has worked in antenatal clinics, labour and delivery and postnatal settings. She runs 1:1 antenatal, hypnobirthing and refresher classes to suit your schedule. She will cover pregnancy, labour, birth and postpartum preparation. Group classes will commence as per covid guidelines.

In addition Hattie will be available to support new parents with feeding, new born care advice and anything else you may need as your family grows. Hattie also provides a birth discussion and traumatic birth processing service, to help process and heal from previous birth experiences. Please contact her via Facebook to discuss how she can enhance your family’s experience.

Make a birth plan when giving birth in Ho Chi Minh City

If you would like to have any influence on the birth process, it’s wise to make a birth plan as this can guide the hospital staff during your delivery. Point out who you’d like to have in the room with you during labor. Or describe how you feel about pain relief medication. Also good to include whether you would like the baby to stay with you for a while after the birth. And if you would like to be there when your baby receives vaccinations. You can make it as detailed as you like. After drawing up your birth plan, make sure to discuss it with your doctor and have him or her sign it. And don’t forget – bring it with you when it’s d(elivery)-day!

Buying Baby items in Ho Chi Minh City

It’s a good thing you have about 9 months, because man, these little people need a ton of stuff. Or is it just that all that baby gear is too cute to be true and we can’t help ourselves? Luckily, UK based Mothercare has a wide range of baby equipment and can be found at several localions in HCMC (Crescent Mall in D7, Estella Place in D2, Takashimaya, D1). Con Cung is also a good place to satisfy your nesting instinct. More baby gear can be found above An Phu supermarket at Happy Kids Saigon, a small store with a surprising abundance of baby items.

For your bigger items such as the nursery furniture, you can check out Oaoababy in D2 or on their Facebook page. Vinaquik is a baby shop based in D3 but it also has a fantastic website for online ordering, catering for everything from baby monitors and breast pumps through to car seats and strollers. When using this site, remember to enter the code VINA10 at the checkout to benefit from 10% discount and free shipping.

Also check out the Facebook groups in Saigon; some are specialized in babies and kids such as Saigon International Families. You can buy the best pre-loved items there and ask for all the baby stuff you can’t find elsewhere. Looking for swim diapers or re-usable diapers? Check the website Alvababy, they ship to Vietnam as well. Last but not least, Saigon Slings are available for purchase at Mandala.

Just ooze away while you still can

Book it now: the babymoon

Yep, we are adding a new word to your vocabulary; babymoon! Because travelling will probably not be on your agenda for a while after your little bundle of joy has arrived. Perhaps you won’t feel like it anyway, but all the paperwork you need to arrange first to take little bubba anywhere will take a while.  So this is your moment. Go for these great destinations nearby where you and your partner can sleep in and relax to the max.

Getting the birth certificate

Next to all the medical check ups and prenatal classes, it’s vital to check if all your documents for the birth certificate are ready. If you or your partner don’t have a Vietnamese passport, you need to make sure your official documents are translated and legalized. This will allow you to apply for a birth certificate right away. The process itself differs per nationality, so make sure you do your research well in advance. There are agents who can help you with this, best to ask around for reliable contacts. Although this can be a more expensive way of doing things, it will save a lot of stress with making sure forms are completed correctly and translations are accurate. Any mistakes can be very difficult to rectify later on and will make subsequent passport applications a challenge.

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After 9 months of preparing yourself on having a baby in Ho Chi Minh, it’s time. The baby room is shining, you stocked up on baby clothes, bottles and diapers, and you’re more than ready to kiss those pregnancy clothes goodbye. But what to expect when arriving in the hospital? What to bring and what to do after your delivery? Here you go, this is all you need to know about giving birth in Ho Chi Minh City.

Last things to prepare before giving birth in Ho Chi Minh City

If you would like to prepare mentally and physically for your child birth, check out the Best Birth Workshop at Mandala.  You can also contact Ms Sang, from Medical Clinic CMI, who offers childbirth education classes. And good news, she comes to your house! If you prefer personal support before, during and after childbirth, consider hiring a doula. Rachel Doula Saigon is  trained as a doula. She can advise and help you when giving birth in Ho Chi Minh City.

Next to all the medical check ups and prenatal classes, it’s vital to check if all your documents for the birth certificate are ready. If you or your partner don’t have a Vietnamese passport, you need to make sure your official documents are translated and legalized. This will allow you to apply for a birth certificate right away. The process itself differs per nationality, so make sure you do your research well in advance. There are agents who can help you with this, best to ask around for reliable contacts.

Almost time to get out lil’ one

It’s time: going to the hospital 

And then it’s time to go to the hospital, the moment you’ve been longing for and dreading at the same time! Note that in most hospitals in Vietnam, it’s normal to stay at least 3 days in the hospital after giving birth. Good to check if the baby will sleep in the baby wing or with you, this varies per hospital.

Chances are you’ve visited the hospital in advance and your doctor is there to meet you. There’s no shortage of medical practices in Ho Chi Minh City. But when you’re having a baby, you should feel comfortable and confident about where you’re giving birth. You can find more information on which hospital to go to here. Make sure to mention to the hospital if your insurance will cover the expenses or not. Some hospitals offer reduced rates if you’re not covered.

Your best work yet!

Make a birth plan when giving birth in Ho Chi Minh City

If you would like to have any influence on the birth process, it’s wise to make a birth plan as this can guide the hospital staff during your delivery. Point out who you’d like to have in the room with you during labor. Or describe how you feel about pain relief medication. Also good to include whether you would like the baby to stay with you for a while after the birth. And if you would like to be there when your baby receives vaccinations. You can make it as detailed as you like. After drawing up your birth plan, make sure to discuss it with your doctor and have him or her sign it. And don’t forget – bring it with you when it’s d(elivery)-day!

What to do after giving birth in Ho Chi Minh City

Hoorray! Your bundle of joy has arrived! Your first days will find an interesting new rhythm involving sleep, feeding and baby poo and you’ll probably love every bit of it.

After the delivery you might have several questions, we know we had! There are several workshops and classes available in Saigon for moms who have just given birth in Ho Chi Minh City: Yoga Joy Saigon organizes a pregnancy and (post) birth group in district 7. Mandala Wellness offers New Mom Meet Ups in district 2. Besides the opportunity to ask all those questions you have but are almost afraid to, it’s a great way to meet other new moms. Simba is a service offered by Family Medical Practice. Each week they discuss a different topic. It’s also a chance to weigh your new-born and exchange experiences.

No, it’s milk for now buddy

Breastfeeding might not be rocket science, but sometimes it’s not easy either. Nellie Pilisi from Saigon Slings is a breastfeeding educator and doula in Saigon. She can help you with breastfeeding techniques, how to carry your baby around and more handy advice.

Vaccinations, travelling and playgroups

Besides all of the above, there are a few other things to keep in mind. First of all, decide on which vaccination program to follow. Your baby will receive its first vaccination within the first week of its life, so it’s good to keep track. You can document it in the baby vaccination records.

Also, it’s good to note that travelling abroad is off limits for a while. Arranging the birth certificate can take some time in Vietnam. But luckily, you can still travel within Vietnam though.

When you’re ready to go out, check out the playgroups in your neighborhood. It’s a great way to meet other moms and their offspring. In district 2, there’s a baby playgroup in BaMa Kids cafe.

Finally, if you need to stock up on baby equipment, we have made a list for you where to go. You can find it in the last section of our article Bun in the oven? Being pregnant in Ho Chi Minh.

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There are some fantastic places in Saigon to celebrate your kids party. And yes, delegating your party is a great idea, because all will be taken care of and your house will not be taken over by little aliens. But if you’re feeling brave and plan on organizing the ultimate kids party at home, we are here to help! Actually, we love home parties, and we know you’re going to rock it! So let’s give you the scoop on the best party providers in Saigon.

Centerpiece: where to buy that fabulous birthday cake 

Every birthday needs a cake, so good to start there. We are a fan of Sweet+Sour, who are experts in jaw-dropping birthdays cakes and they’re tasty too! A great alternative is Simrans where they make all sorts of festive and beautiful party bakes at a more affordable price. We’ve heard great things about the new girl in town, Cakes by Charlotte, but haven’t had a chance to sample them yet so let us know if you do! 

Did someone say cake?

Where to find the best decorations for your kids party at home

There’s nothing like a fantastic decorated room to get everyone in the party mood. Saigon has several decent party shops that are great if you’re organizing a kids party at home. If you’re in the mood for bunting flags and festive gadgets online, surf to Party Vui (formerly known as Party Inc). It has a website in English and a shop in D1. In district 2, Uncle Bills, Kepi, Pom Pom and The Party shop have all you need; a great selection of balloons, pompoms and every other party prop for that unicorn or pirate party.

Must have: great entertainment for hire in Saigon

The ultimate kids party at home needs the ultimate entertainmentLollipop Face Painting can transform kids into fairies, tigers and many more alter egos. For the epic Saigon bubble man show, contact Balloon Magic Bubble. He can also provide any balloon decoration you wish, including some impressive backdrops and balloon arches to blow your guests away. If you’re looking for bouncy castles, message Mr. Bouncy, where you can rent all sorts of bouncy party supply. Good to shake off some of that energy! For your older (8+) birthday boy or -girl, it’s fun to rent water balls, which you can put in the swimming pool. Also cool, certainly for bigger parties; set up a photo boothPhoto Booth Saigon will organize it all for you and can even make you a custom made frame or backdrop. A big hit at our party last year!

Everyone likes a DIY party!

But if you want to go a bit more low profile, consider organizing some kids party games yourself. Crafting, decorating your own cupcake or old school games like Musical Chairs are easily set up and can be adjusted according to the age of the party people. And kids love them! Check out this DIY Party Ideas post for inspiration.

Oh goody! Goodie bags!

Your ultimate kids party at home has come to an end. It’s finally time to send them off and put your feet up. But first the goodie bags. For the bag itself, go to Uncle BillsFill them up up with some gadgets from KEPI or one of the (online) party shops we mentioned. There are also great alternatives for party bags, like personalized journals or treasure tins. Or do what we do and get a piñata at pinata Vietnam. Your party animals can beat it around until it breaks and put the sweets in their goodie bags afterward. And let’s face it, there is nothing like a rain of candy to end the perfect party on a high!

Please take over: find me a party planner in Ho Chi Minh

Just want someone to take over and you have the budget for it? Party Masters will organise the whole event for you. All you have to do is put on your party shoes and join your mini-me in celebrating.

Let’s get the party started!

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Organising a kid’s birthday party in Saigon… It’s a happy occasion and stressful all in one! We’ve been there. What to organise for all these friends of your son, where to take all the besties of your daughter… Don’t fret, the Grapevyne is here! We will provide you with a list of the best places for your Saigon Kid’s Party.

Just one word: Delegate 

If you want to do it the easy way, and by that we mean the SMART way, just pick one of the great indoor play areas here in Saigon and book it. Simple as that. We found you several great venues where you can take the whole classroom if needed, while still keeping your sanity. If you’d prefer to host the party at home yourself, check out these top tips including entertainers and where to buy the best party decor.

The perfect out-of-the-house party for your toddler

When organising a birthday party for your toddler, go to Snap Cafe. Here you can decorate your table with balloons and bunting flags and combine celebrations with a pizza lunch. Jaspas is a great option for kids parties as well because it has a great playground and a nice kids menu. Or take them outdoors and have a picnic or fly a kite at the park at the Landmark, which has a nice open-air playground. If your birthday boy or –girl is still very littleBaMa kids cafe  or Lilliput might be just your place to celebrate. Or go the extra mile and take your gang to Kiwooza Planet in D7, where they’ll be out of your hands for at least two hours. 

Bouncing off some of that energy is always a good idea

Birthday parties for age 5 and above

If you have a mini-chef in your household, he or she will love baking cupcakes at Sweet+Sour, topping it off with a themed party above the bakery. Perhaps your little one is into Lego and coding? Snapology will have you covered with themed workshops and party packages for ten or more people. For creative kids and crafters, contact Vinspace Art Studio for a workshop.New on the scene, Tinkerplay has something for everyone. As the name suggests, the person who created this concept clearly knows their stuff about child initiated play. With a vast array of things for the children to tinker with, there’s simply no time to be bored. 

If you’re feeling adventurous, take your party gang to the Phuong Nam resort, where they can hire a fishing rod and try their luck at the pond. You can combine it with a nice lunch there. It’s only a 30-minute drive from District 2 and there is plenty of space to run around. Good to call in advance.

Older party kids

Most older birthday kids love to have an adrenalin pumping party at Push ClimbingHere they can go scaling to new heights up the rock climbing walls at Saigon Outcast. Another ideal indoor party venue is the ice skating rink at Vincom Mega Mall or Landmark. Or let them challenge their inner Kingpin and throw some strikes at the Superbowl in Saigon Center. And of course, everybody always loves going to the cinema! For a movie birthday full of surprises, catch a 4DX movie at Vivo City where the movie is not only experienced by sight and sound but also via smells, fog and moving chairs!

Lolly-pop it at your mini-me’s party!

Great kids birthday party options in District 7

If you are looking for some out-of-the-house entertainment for your party in District 7, consider taking the kids to the top of Vivo City. There is a huge playground with trampolines and a splash area. Birthday boys- and girls who are into arts and crafts will find their mojo at the lovely Spin & Gogh. They do a fantastic art or pottery party. Older birthday kids love going to the 4DX cinema at Vivo City to catch a 4DX movie where you are almost living the movie!

There are enough options in D7 to completely outsource your kids birthday bash as well. Jump Arena has a branch there and can cater to meet all your birthday party needs. Or take hem to Vietopia. They will have a fantastic time there being a fireman, astronaut and flight attendant, all in one day. For a birthday slash pizza bash, contact Al Fresco’s, where they are used to feeding large and loud groups of energetic kids.

Let’s get that party started!

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Super Saigon Funtivities For You And Your Kids

We love Easter! Egg hunts, Easter family brunches, being surrounded by chocolate bunnies, it’s all a joy! But how to celebrate Easter in this new COVID reality? This year we’ll have to celebrate in a different way for sure. But that doesn‘t mean you can’t have an egg-ceptional Easter in Ho Chi Minh City!

(Virtual) Easter family brunches

Easter is the perfect excuse for egg-stra long brunches! Of course, having friends over for Easter festivities is a no go this year, but celebrating it intimately with just the family can also be nice. Or set up your Google Hangouts, Houseparty or Zoom meeting with friends and fam and have a virtual Easter Feast together.

Staying in or brunching out this Easter in Ho Chi Minh City?

Step out of the confinement boredom and decorate your table festively with freshly baked breads, eggs and fruit. The best ciabattas and other fantastic bread for your beautiful brunch at the Micro Boulangerie in Thao Dien. And off course it’s only Easter when you have some hot cross buns for brunch; Cafe Tartine is baking them fresh and you can order online.

For Easter basics, Annam Gourmet Market is open and well stocked with at their various locations in D1, D2, D7 and Estella Place. Bakery Saint Honoré as well as the Crumbs bakery in district 7 provide you with delicious breads and quiches. By the way, at Saint Honoré and Crumbs you can order online as well. Smoked salmon and other seafood can be found at La Poissonerie.  Having a gluten-free Easter brunch? Check out this article on the best stores that deliver gluten-free options.  

Bunny bunny, you’re so yummy

Easy DIY Easter Brunch dishes

Ready, Steady, Bake! Great to make with the smallies this Easter are these cute Bunny Gingerbread cookies. To further smarten up your brunch, add some of these easy peasy (but tasty) brunch dishes: this chorizo zucchini quiche by Donna Hay is always a winner in our house. For a vegetarian Easter brunch, replace the chorizo by goat cheese. Your guests with a sweet tooth will love this chai spiced carrot cake. After all, it’s not Easter without carrots. 🙂 Add your Easter branches or some fresh flowers to the table and you’re sorted. What an Egg-cellent Easter in Ho Chi Minh City!

Make some egg-stra cool decorations

Let’s start the Easter mania a few days before with some awesome decorations. Since we have all the time in the world now- let’s get creative.  We made these simple but adorable Easter bags last year and they are fun to make with your little ones. Take a paper bag, cut out some ears, add some whiskers and eyes and your first bunny bag is a fact!

DIY Easter bunny wabbit decorations are so much fun!

These eggholders are also perfect for DIY beginners and will look adorable on your brunch table. But the best Easter craft must be decorating eggs! Whether you paint them green, yellow and blue or go to the next level and make emoji and chick easter eggs, this is the time to do it.

Let’s find those eggs

It’s not Easter without our friend the Easter Bunny and his egg hunt! Centrally organized egg hunts are off limits this year but we can organize a  Do It Yourself egg hunt at home. Not to worry, it’s not too complicated. Just load up some chocolate eggs, have the kids arrange their own baskets (or make them at the spot – great confinement activity) and you’re done. Make sure the kids spot all your chocolate eggs before they melt or even better, replace them with plastic ones for the time being. This blog on Easter hunts is full of extra tips if you want to up your game.

Hoppy Easter in Ho Chi Minh City from all of us at Grapevyne!

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4th floor, 41 Duong 41, D2

Age: 6 months – 5 years

When you have young kids, it can be hard to find the right place to connect with other parents. At the BaMa Café this issue is solved! You can meet other parents, have a coffee and relax, all while your child is having fun playing with other little ones. The best part is that your precious yet untamed toddler is always in sight so you get to enjoy some real down time by chilling on one of the lounge cushions. A win-win if we do say so!

1st floor, Saigon South Marina Club, 9A Tra ‘n Van Tra Str, D7    

Age: 1 year – 10 years

Kiwooza Planet just raised the bar on Kids indoor play areas. This giant space has lots to do for children of various ages; there are trampolines, jungle gyms, climbing walls, slides and soft play areas. It also has an arts and crafts area and a very cool interactive room with 3D options. And parents are happy as well, because it’s clean, gentle on the ears (thank you) and it has a nice lunch area. The only downside is that it comes with a price tag (around 200,000 VND/hour).

Make sure you bring non-slip socks! Shoes or bare feet are not permitted indoor.

Located in District 7 on the first floor of the Saigon South Marina Club.