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Looking for a few days away, not too far from home? Head to The Island Lodge, a beautiful hotel in the Mekong. Great ambiance, a stunning pool and lovely food awaits you. And the best thing? It’s only a 2 hour drive away!

Set up in 2015 by French owners Michel and Francoise, The Island Lodge is the perfect getaway from Saigon. Although only a few hours a way from the city, you’ll find yourself in a completely different world. Greeted by lush green gardens, spacious rooms and a fresh breeze coming from the water, it’ll feel like a holiday immediately!

The Island Lodge is the right place for relaxing

If your itinerary is relaxing, reading, lounging, spa-ing, dining and soaking up natural beauty, you’re at the right place. The Island lodge has a beautiful pool overlooking the Mekong river, the perfect setting to create instant bliss. If you need some extra relaxation, there’s a spa, sauna and jacuzzi. And let’s not forget some taste bud pampering; after signature cocktails at the lovely lounge bar, it’s time for dinner. The chef at the Island Lodge is known for his Vietnamese and French fusion cuisine and has created a tasty menu.

Some biking, boating or massage and back to the pool again!

Go with friends, family or sans kids

Offering spacious rooms, The island Lodge is perfect for a weekend away from the city with the kids. Or take friends and let them get a feel of the Mekong. The various tours will give them enough options to see what this bustling region is all about. But for us, this boutique resort is also the perfect romantic getaway; no need to take a flight, but far enough to finally have some time together!

Exploring the Mekong

Did enough relaxing? The Island Lodge is the perfect spot to explore the Mekong. The hotel organizes bike- and boat tours that will give you a good feel of Mekong life; the orchards, the floating markets, the coconut factories and the Mekong villages. If you’re the adventurous type, they offer tours that go off the beaten track. Taking it easy? Rent your own bike and explore the neighborhood. There are electric bikes as well.

Exchange city life for some green lush gardens

How to get to The Island Lodge

Getting there is the easy part. The Island Lodge is situated in My Tho, on an island in the Mekong River. It’s a 2 hour drive by car from Saigon. Transport can be arranged if needed.

Special discounts apply from May till August!

The best time for visiting is between September and April. The months after December are relatively dry and up until March, it is not too hot. A big bonus of these months is that it is the fruit season and the Mekong area is full of orchards. The raining season starts in May and lasts until August. But the good news is that The Island Lodge offers a summer package for the May to October period: if you stay for 3 nights, you only have to pay for 2. The rains usually don’t last that long and are quite refreshing, so we say go for it!

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