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A breathtaking and majestic, the rocks of Halong Bay are a famous Vietnamese tourist attraction and for good reason. But here is our inside scoop: within Halong Bay, skip the regular tourist area and go to Cat Ba- an area that is equally beautiful, but does not have the masses of tourists.

Explore Halong Bay: what to do 

There is only one way to experience Cat Ba or Halong Bay properly, and that is by boat. Don’t worry if you don’t have sea legs, neither do we and we loved it. You can go for a day, but we recommend going for 2 nights and 3 days. This allows you to see a bit more of the beautiful surroundings. You will definitely not be bored: splash in the water when the boat anchors and go for a swim, or go kayaking. While you’re at it, visit one or two of the spectacular caves in the bay.

Yep, and it’s even more beautiful a bit further up

How to get there

You can arrange a transfer from Hanoi (180 km). Another (great) option is to fly to Hai Phong, which is nearer to the coast.

Best boat tours in Halong Bay

There are many organizations that can take you across the bay and all of them offer small private boats as well as a tour on a larger vessel. We went with IndoChinajunk and had an awesome time. The boat, the staff, the food… all good. Tip of the day; it can be quite busy at Halong Bay, so check where your organisation is taking you.

Best time to go

Spring (March, April) and Fall (September, October) seem to be the best time to visit when the weather isn’t too hot, but still great for swimming. Winter in Halong Bay, lasting from November to March, with very cold weather in December and January, is not ideal.

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