Goodbye gluten! There are so so many great restaurants in Ho Chi Minh City, but which restos and stores stock gluten-free? If you’re feeling like you’re looking for the needle in a haystack, there’s no need. We did some research and found out there are plenty of options to go gluten-free in Saigon. Here you go, your all gluten-free list!

Shops in Saigon with gluten-free products

Gluten-free bakeries in Ho Chi Minh

Gluten free Gourmet (the former Saigon Gluten Free kitchen), has gluten-free breads and pastries. They sell pizza dough and fresh pasta as well. Their GF and dairy free bagels are so good that the gluten eaters in your family will never know. You can order via facebook.

Without the gluten but with the hole.

The traditional bakery Haubis from Austria has been baking bread foreva! So they know how to bake a fine sourdough bread, but what about 100% gluten-free bread? Yep, they know how to do that as well. The kaiser rolls and ciabatta sans glutes are yummy! And they deliver too.

The home bakeshop Flour(ish) delivers freshly baked gluten-free and vegan breads to anyone within hcmc. Orders can be made by sending them a message. We’ll tell you a secret: even though they only have breads on the menu, they’re welcoming special orders for birthday cakes. Yay!

St Honoré has amazing bread and beautifully made pastry. As any good bakery would do, St Honoré offers a selection of gluten-free bread. They don’t have it in their daily selection, so be sure to ask for it and order some in advance.

Supermarkets and convenience stores in Saigon with gluten-free products

The oldest convenience stores in Ho Chi Minh with imported products are Phuong Ha & Thai Hoa. Located near the Bitexco tower in district 1, these two shops next to each other are well-stocked with imported goodies. Gluten-free products can be found here, but give yourself some time to look for them as these stores are packed with a capital P.

Yep, you can roll gluten-free in Saigon

Annam Gourmet and Nam An Market – stores with imported food, offer a fair amount of gluten-free products. Crackers, potato chips, cookies, cereal, flour, pasta and so on. Both have multiple locations throughout the city.

An Phu Supermarket Thao Dien’s convenience store, has a small, but decent selection of basic gluten-free products. We go there for products from the well-known Australian brand Orgran. Buckwheat crackers, kids rice & corn pasta, vanilla cake mix and more of these gluten-free goodies can be found here.

Best restos in Saigon with gluten-free options

Most restaurants in HCMC are not gluten free. But hurray! We see more and more restaurants with gluten-free options popping up.

L’Herbanyste is a lovely place to have lunch with a group or just the two of you. The interior is light an bright and so is the menu. Loads of healthy options and enough choice of gluten-free dishes. You can even combine it with a plant based treatment at the spa upstairs. (215E4 Nguyen Van Huong, Q2)

Gluten-free can be pretty as well @L’herbanyste

The Organik House in District 1 is a vegetarian restaurant with a weekly changing menu. Lots of gluten-free and nut-free options. Try out their Sunday brunch! (7F Nguyen Thi Minh Kai, Q1)

Gluten-free Saigon: kids-friendly restaurants

For a nice lunch with the family, try Dau Vegan Bistro. Although not 100% gluten free, they have some great options. And it sure is 100% guilt free. Located in Estella Mall in district 2.

Restos with a Vietnamese menu such as An Cafe in D2 can be a bless for everyone with a gluten allergy. You can knock yourself out on Pho and Vietnamese springrolls, just make sure that pure rice paper has been used. And while you’re at it, check if the soy sauce is gluten-free as well.

Always loved Italian pasta, but can’t eat it (any more)? You can now, because Italian restaurant Pendolasco has gluten-free pasta dishes and pizzas on their menu. Al Fresco’s does great gluten-free pizza as well. Located on various locations in Saigon.

Gluten-free cake + coffee places

Good coffee, air-conditioning and a gluten-free sandwich please! Where? At The Loop. You can get some work done here or go for a juice and gluten-free sandwich with your kids.

Having a gluten-free celebration? No need to go cakeless! For gluten-free cupcakes and birthday cakes, having there or to order; stop by Sweet + Sour.

Or message Rawberry, our new favorite cake place! All cakes taste and look) so good that you can almost convince yourself that they’re good for you! Well they are of course!

Fancy dessert? Check out La crêperie. They have delicious buckwheat crepes that are gluten-free. For ice cream, hop over to Baskin and Robbins. B&R are crystal clear on the ingredients in their ice cream, so you can check out which flavors contain wheat.

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Looking for some new great lunch places? Et voilà!

Looking for high quality products to stock your kitchen? We just found the best way to do this: The Food Shop delivers it right at your doorstep. They pride themselves in knowing the suppliers and how they produce. Most products also have international recognized certifications to prove it, so you can feel safe when binging on their imported beef and lamb, locally sourced fish and seafood and ready-to-eat organic soups. And did you know they even have vegan burgers and sausages? Finally!

Check the website to see their whole range of products. All of it is only available online – which means easy shopping at better prices.

Want to try them out? Use discount code GrapevyneFS and you will get 100.000 VND discount on your purchase!



We all know that buying organic fruit and vegetables here in Saigon can be quite a challenge. The people of ByNature felt the same way and took matters in their own hands. ByNature believes in “farm to fork” and delivers meat, seafood, vegetables, fruit and berries. All farmed in the right way and guaranteed safe to consume, how great is that? We can only hope their product range will grow steadily. Check the ‘shop’ category on their website for the beautiful veggie boxes.

40 Nguyen Cu Street, D2

Almond milk, vegan carrot- or zucchini cake, nuts, vegan cosmetics or just a healthy breakfast; this lil’store has it all. Legumes takes care of all your healthy cravings in a green and raw way. They sell it in bigger packages as well, so your walnuts and chia will last a while.

Craving for some guilt-free & sugar-free banana bread? Or some seriously good cinnamon buns (okay, a bit less guilt-free but just sooo good)? The Happy Kitchen supplies it all. This local kitchen supplies a range of bakery options; from their lovely granola and whole grain sourdough to their tasty cheese butter rolls, it’s all yum! Just message them via their FB page and they will deliver the next day.

21 Thao Dien St., D2

The name is berry, strawberry. But also raspberries, peaches from the US, imported basmati rice, ham, cheese and a lot more! Nam An is a premium shop where you will find a good selection of imported products. They have a huge walk in fridge full of fruits and veggies. Also recommended for their gluten free products and herbs.

58 & 60 Ham Nghi, D1

Two identical shops next to each other packed (and with that we mean packed!) with imported food & non food goodies. If you’ve had enough of the pho and desparately want to have Cheerios for breakfast, or you need Minnie Mouse paper plates with matching napkins for your toddlers birthday, you know where to go.

1 Street 2, D2

Time to bring home the bacon! Meatworks offers a good selection of Aussie imported beef & lamb and local poultry & pork. Also recommended if you’re looking for skewers and hamburgers for a Sunday BBQ. Go on, chop chop.

39 Thao Dien St., D2

Attention seafood fans! This French owned fish store only sells fresh fish and seafood caught in the sea, which means none of that scary farmed fish. The fish and seafood are always fresh and of excellent quality. Talk about a catch of the day!

17 Tran Ngoc Dien, D2

Bonjours bread! Bakery Saint Honoré has a fine selection of delicious pain et patisserie. Wine, cheese & hams can also be bought here. And if you feel like staying for a coffee and a croissant in the garden, yet again, mais oui!

Khu Do Thi Moi An Phu, D2

It’s on. Go big! Mega Market is a massive supermarket. A bit like Walmart or Costco. Looking for fruit & veggies, (imported) meat, fish, dairy, bakery, cosmetics, home electronics, office supplies, household items, toys, wine & beer, textile & clothing and diy products? You won’t be disappointed here. Bring loads of bags, because you will always leave with a lot more than written on your grocery list!