Let’s get Egg-stra Easter creative now we have the time | −KIDS −KIDS

Easter is here and we love it. Yes, it will be different now that we’re all in confinement in Phnom Penh. But since all days look alike during this lock down, we have all the more reason to make it an Egg-ceptional festive Easter weekend! 

Easter family brunches in Phnom Penh

Although we have to be extra careful this Easter, we’re still having our brunch. I mean; hot cross buns, smoked salmon, chocolate eggs, of course we’re having this brunch! We share a number of events on our Facebook page.

Let’s make some Easter decorations

To get into the proper Easter mood, we need some great decorations. This Easter week, we have more time than ever to go for it. You can even make it part of  your homeschooling.

DIY cookie kit

Or order an Easter decoration box from Ouma Ritas! A box with cookies and lots or decoration to make your own beautiful Easter eggs.

Make some egg-stra cool decorations

Speaking about baskets, the kids will love to make their own. So let’s start the Easter mania a few days before with some awesome decorations. We made these simple but adorable Easter bags last year and they are fun to make with your little ones. Take a paper bag, cut out some ears, add some whiskers and eyes and your first bunny bag is a fact!

These eggholders are also perfect for DIY and will look adorable on your brunch table. But the best Easter craft must be decorating eggs! Whether you paint them green, yellow and blue or go to the next level and make emoji and chick easter eggs, this is the time to do it.

Hoppy Easter in Phnom Penh City!