D2 + D7

Age: under 5 years – adult

For some sports, it is difficult to find a professional coach or training facility here in Saigon, but football is definitely not one of them. All girl and boy football fanatics are welcome at Fox, they even have a team of under 5-year-olds. With international coaches, good training facilities and an elaborate sports schedule, we are sure your little Ronaldo will feel right at home here.

Several districts

Age: 5-18 years

Whether your child wants to be the new Stephen Curry or rather Lionel Messi, he or she is in good hands at SSA. SSA is a multi-sports training center, where kids from the age of 5 can play basketball and football on all levels. Their local and international coaches teach sports in several districts, D2, D3, and D7 included.

53 Nguyen Dang Giai, D2

Age: 3 years – adult

Dancenter is very popular among young dance enthusiasts and there are almost always waiting lists. So be sure to enroll exactly when enrolment opens, twice a year. Dancenter offers lessons in all dance areas depending on the age: Ballet, Jazz, Acro, Hip Hop, Tap, Zumba & Contemporary dance. There’s dance play for the little ones. Kids can start from 3 years onwards. It’s always cozy and crowded. There are also lessons for adults!

ISHCMC campus, 28 Vo Truong Toan, D2

Age: 5+ years

Every Saturday morning there is field hockey training at 9 am at the ISHCMC primary campus. All children, non-ISHCMC students as well, are welcome. It is one hour of training for boys and girls, from the age of 5, who want to learn how to play field hockey. The coaches focus on technique, experience in matches and especially on the fun of group sports! You can come for a trial anytime.

49G Quoc Huong, D2

Age: 5-10 years

Come down and try Taekwon-Do training for kids in the BodyShape gym. Children of various ages, boys and girls, are welcome, whether they are beginners or more experienced with martial arts. Master Mariusz is tough but fair and focuses on discipline as well as getting rid of some of that built up energy. And, did we mention the uniform? Looking like a regular Bruce Lee makes almost all kids smile!

36 Thao Dien St., D2

Age: 6 months – 15 years

The Australian International School offers swimming lessons for babies and children from 6 months – 15 years. They have various lessons throughout the week and they fill up quickly. The swimming pool is conveniently located in the heart of Thao Dien. AIS Sports Centre also provides other sports for children.

BP, D2

Age: 4+ years

Every Tuesday after school, two professional runners conduct running training for kids, showing them how to combine fun with doing something that is good for your health. Whether it’s because of the group fun or competitive elements, all kids tend to love it. For very active kids it’s simply moving and burning some of that energy! Check out the Facebook page for practical details.

The performing Arts Academy 19A Ngo Quang Huy, D2

Age: 4 years – adult

Whether your kid is a 4-year old with Mariah Carey aspirations or a 15-year old Carlos Santana, the Performing Arts Academy can coach them to get even better. Set up almost 10 years ago and with music teachers of various nationalities (English speaking), Music School offers private or group music lessons for kids, pop rock band courses and music & singing camps.

Nguyen U Di, D2

Age: 6 months – 13 years

When you hear class names like Waddlers, Gymsters, Terrific Tots, and Mighty Mights, you’re sure this gym has to be fun, right? We think so at least. My Gym offers various gym classes for babies of 6 weeks up to 13-year old teenagers. It has an American flavor, not only with the names, but also because of the super duper enthusiastic trainers. They also do birthday parties, yehes!

04 Le Van Mien, D2

Age: 5 years – adult

Exploring your creative side can be done at this nice boutique art studio. Whether you’re into watercolor painting, sculpting or prefer to just discuss paintings without having to make them (accompanied by a nice glass of wine), VinSpace Art Studio offers it all. Also great for parties and kids art camps.

Various locations, D2

acting classes: 7+ years
music production classes: 12 + years

Always wanted to get in touch with your inner movie star? Orange Wolves provides acting workshops for adults and children from 7 years and up. You’ll learn all about auditioning, improve and have on-camera training. They also provide very cool music production workshops, for all the aspiring DJ’s (12 years and up) out there. All workshops are available in English, Vietnamese and some even in Dutch.