3 Hoa Binh, D11

This park will guarantee some great splashing around. With numerous slides, pools and other water attractions, there’s water fun everywhere and we loved it. Just make sure you are wearing proper bathing suits instead of skimpy bikini’s and check each slide before you go off, some are fast as lightning. There are changing rooms and lockers, but better leave your valuables at home. By the way, not very suitable for kids under 6 years old, unless you stay at the small pool.

2 Nguyen Binh Khiem, Ben Nghe ward, D1

To go or not to go? That is the question. Since we have arrived in Saigon, we’ve been discussing whether we should go to the Zoo or not. We went and indeed, it’s not exactly a modern zoo. The big 5 are pretty caged up and the bears could use a new home as well. Let’s hope there will be some upgrading soon. But it’s not all bad and there were some highlights. The little ones can feed goats which is always a winner. And it’s great to see all the Vietnamese families having a relaxed picnic in the middle of the zoo, some even brought their own hammock. That’s something you will not see every day at the Sydney Zoo! Oh, and avoid Sundays unless you like to share the zoo with a million other people.

02-04 street #9, Tan Hung ward, D7

This museum in District 7 has more than a 100 different 3D paintings, created in such a way that it seems you are a part of them. We loved the fact that they have placed markers and arrows, to help you make that perfect 3D image to function as your next profile pic. A great museum to spend some silly hours with the kids or your friends. Make sure to check the route before going, bring some water and note that some areas aren’t air-conditioned.

02-04 Street #9, D7

There aren’t many places where you can be a fireman, ice-cream maker and rally driver in one day, but at Vietopia you can. Reasonably priced, air-conditioned and nicely done,  this indoor park is great for kids from 3 to 10 years old. You can easily bring smaller siblings as well. Inside is a life-size marketplace with all sorts of little shops around it, where kids can try out almost every profession a small kid dreams about (think pilot rather than stockbroker). Go during the week if you can, when there are no waiting lines. And bring a magazine or, even better, go with a friend.


Where can you escape to when the Saigon temperatures are rising? Try the city’s lovely air-conditioned cinemas! There are several cinema chains in Saigon, such as CGV and Lotte. We normally go to the CGV in Saigon Pearl, but man, they are everywhere. Most cinemas here are great value for money: comfortable chairs, your choice of popcorn (did we mention the aircon?) and the latest movies. Just make sure it is not dubbed! (check on the website)