There are some fantastic places in Saigon to celebrate your kids party. And yes, delegating your party is a great idea, because all will be taken care of and your house will not be taken over by little aliens. But if you’re feeling brave and plan on organizing the ultimate kids party at home, we are here to help! Actually, we love home parties, and we know you’re going to rock it! So let’s give you the scoop on the best party providers in Saigon.

Centerpiece: where to buy that fabulous birthday cake 

Every birthday needs a cake, so good to start there. We are a fan of Sweet+Sour, who are experts in jaw-dropping birthdays cakes and they’re tasty too! A great alternative is Candy’s Cake Shoppe, where they make all sorts of festive and beautiful party bakes. And check out Greta’s cakes for yummy cupcakes!

Did someone say cake?

Where to find the best decorations for your kids party at home

There’s nothing like a fantastic decorated room to get everyone in the party mood. Saigon has several decent party shops that are great if you’re organizing a kids party at home. If you’re in the mood for bunting flags and festive gadgets online, surf to Party Vui (formerly known as Party Inc). It has a website in English and a shop in D1. In district 2, the Partyshop has all you need; a great selection of balloons, pompoms and every other party prop for that unicorn or pirate party.

Must have: great entertainment for hire in Saigon

The ultimate kids party at home needs the ultimate entertainmentLollipop Face Painting can transform kids into fairies, tigers and many more alter egos. For the epic Saigon bubble man show, contact Balloon Magic Bubble. He can also provide any balloon decoration you wish. If you’re looking for bouncy castles, message Mr. Bouncy, where you can rent all sorts of bouncy party supply. Good to shake off some of that energy! For your older (8+) birthday boy or -girl, it’s fun to rent water balls, which you can put in the swimming pool. Also cool, certainly for bigger parties; set up a photo boothPhotography will organize it all for you and can even make you a custom made frame or backdrop. A big hit at our party last year!

Everyone likes a DIY party!

But if you want to go a bit more low profile, consider organizing some kids party games yourself. Crafting, decorating your own cupcake or old school games like Musical Chairs are easily set up and can be adjusted according to the age of the party people. And kids love them! Check out this DIY Party Ideas post for inspiration.

Oh goody! Goodie bags!

Your ultimate kids party at home has come to an end. It’s finally time to send them off and put your feet up. But first the goodie bags. For the bag itself, go to Uncle BillsFill them up up with some gadgets from KEPI or one of the (online) party shops we mentioned. There are also great alternatives for party bags, like personalized journals or treasure tins. Or do what we do and get a piñata at pinata Vietnam. Your party animals can beat it around until it breaks and put the sweets in their goodie bags afterward. And let’s face it, there is nothing like a rain of candy to end the perfect party on a high!

Please take over: find me a party planner in Ho Chi Minh

Just want someone to take over and you have the budget for it? Dear Sunshine Kid’s Party will plan the whole event for you. All you have to do is put on your party shoes and join your mini-me in celebrating.

Let’s get the party started!

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Organizing a kid’s party… It’s a happy occasion and stressful all in one! We’ve been there. What to organize for all these friends of your son, where to take all the besties of your daughter… Don’t fret, the Grapevyne is here! We will provide you with a list of the best places for your Saigon Kid’s Party.

Just one word: Delegate 

If you want to do it the easy way, and by that we mean the SMART way, just pick one of the great indoor play areas here in Saigon and book it. Simple as that. We found you several great venues where you can take the whole classroom if needed, while still keeping your sanity.

The perfect out-of-the-house party for your toddler

When organizing a birthday party for your toddler, go to Snap Cafe. Here you can decorate your table with balloons and bunting flags and combine celebrations with a pizza lunch. Jaspas is a great option for kids parties as well because it has a great playground and a nice kids menu. Or take them outdoors and have a picknick or fly a kite at the park at the Landmark, which has a nice open-air playground. If your birthday boy or –girl is still very littleBaMa kids cafe might be just your place to celebrate. Or go the extra mile and take your gang to Kiwooza Planet in D7, where they’ll be out of your hands for at least two hours. 

Bouncing off some of that energy is always a good idea

Birthday parties for age 5 and above

If you have a mini-chef in your household, he or she will love baking cupcakes at Sweet+Sour, topping it off with a themed party above the bakery.  Having a party full of high energy kids over? Organize the birthday bash at Jump Arena. Here your mini-me can combine bouncing up and down with a private party room upstairs. 

For creative kids and crafters, contact Vinspace Art Studio for a workshop. Do you have an adventurous kid and want to do something different? Take him or her and the party gang to the Phuong Nam resort, where they can hire a fishing rod and try their luck at the pond. You can combine it with a nice lunch there. It’s only a 30-minute drive from District 2 and there is plenty of space to run around. Good to call in advance.

Older party kids

Most older birthday kids love to have an adrenalin pumping party at Push ClimbingHere they can go scaling to new heights up the rock climbing walls at Saigon Outcast. Another ideal indoor party venue is the ice skating rink at Vincom Mega Mall or Landmark. Or let them challenge their inner Kingpin and throw some strikes at the Superbowl in Saigon Center. And of course, everybody always loves going to the cinema! For a movie birthday full of surprises, catch a 4DX movie at Vivo City where the movie is not only experienced by sight and sound but also via smells, fog and moving chairs!

Lolly-pop it at your mini-me’s party!

Great kids birthday party options in District 7

If you are looking for some out-of-the-house entertainment for your party in District 7, consider taking the kids to the top of Vivo City. There is a huge playground with trampolines and a splash area. Birthday boys- and girls who are into arts and crafts will find their mojo at the lovely Spin & Gogh. They do a fantastic art or pottery party. Older birthday kids love going to the 4DX cinema at Vivo City to catch a 4DX movie where you are almost living the movie!

There are enough options in D7 to completely outsource your kids birthday bash as well. Jump Arena has a branch there and can cater to meet all your birthday party needs. Or take hem to Vietopia. They will have a fantastic time there being a fireman, astronaut and flight attendant, all in one day. For a birthday slash pizza bash, contact Al Fresco’s, where they are used to feeding large and loud groups of energetic kids.

Let’s get that party started!

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9 Ngo Quang Huy, D2

Without doubt, the best place in town for cupcakes. Double chocolate, red velvet, passion fruit and salted caramel are a few of the flavors and all of them are YUM! The macarons are heavenly too. A nice added bonus is that the bright pink take away bags are almost as nice as a designer bag from Tiffany’s. All in all, Sweet + Sour is on a roll. Also a good choice to host a birthday party or have a personalized cake made.

02 Thao Dien St., D2

Balloons, bunting flags, candles, (theme) paper tableware and more. The name Party Shop kinda gives it away… But now you know where to go if you need decoration items for a celebration!