It’s certainly nice and – somewhat- cool in Saigon at the moment. But man that rain! So where to take your kids when it’s raining all day? We had the same question, so we made a list of more than 10 fun indoor kids activities for you in Ho Chi Minh City!

Indoor activities for kids in Saigon

The benefit of ever changing Saigon is that new activities keep popping up. So aside from the known Saigon kids activities, you can add these indoor play areas to your kids activity routine:

Yay a kids café

Bama kids cafe has a pleasant set up for parents and children. You can chill on the lounge seats while having your kids in sight. We would say children up to 5-6 years can play here, but from then, a playground like Jaspas is a better option.

Another great and convenient place to take smaller kids to on free parts of the day is Kids Cafe Lilliput

Or visit the new kid on the block in D2; La Rosa BistroGreat coffee and a nice big play area for the little ones. Many parents with babies visit this kid friendly bistro.

In District 7, parents are raving about Kiwooza Planet, a huge indoor play area, which is great till 6 years old. Not the cheapest option, but very clean and kind to your senses (aka we could still have a conversation). It’s even worth a drive from D2 😉

Not cheap but heaps of fun

Active indoor kids activities

Kids of various ages will enjoy the small playground in the Estella Place, complete with slide and a water play area. You’ll need to spend at least 100,000 VND per child to get entry, but that won’t be too hard with the shops nearby and the huge Annam Supermarket downstairs.

There’s also a venue of Saigon’s favorite playground Tini World at Estella (also at other malls like Vincom D2 and Land Mark 81). And if your offspring is at least 4 years  old, they might like the climbing wall next to the Estella playground. It’s great fun and only 80,000 VND for 10 climbs. Older kids will like Timezone, also on level 4.

Talking about climbing: Saigon Outcast has a great climbing area and it looks fantastic. Not unimportant, you can enjoy a cold drink at the seating area while the kids try out their skills. Not completely indoors but covered enough for that rainy day.

Indoor cold fun at Vincom

Indoor fun activities for bigger kids 

Here’s one you wouldn’t think of doing in a tropical city like Saigon: take your kids ice skating! On the 5th floor of the Vincom mega mall in District 2 is the amazing Vincom Ice Rink. It’s a cool haven, so you’ll need a sweatshirt and long pants. Try going during the week, because attempting to make a 3 turn on the ice is more fun when you don’t bump into hundreds of other people trying to figure out how to skate. Need a change of scenery? Check out the ice rink at Land Mark 81.

Get active and go bowling

It’s not how you roll, it’s how you bowl! Who doesn’t love an indoor active afternoon of bowling, accompanied by friends? And you know you have to giggle every time you put on those goofy shoes. It just doesn’t get old! Superbowl Vietnam in District 1 makes all of the above happen- enjoy!

To jump is to live @ Jump Arena

Jump jump

Jumping on a trampoline is a winner for both you and your kiddo: it’s a great work-out for you and for your mini-me it’s some seriously good fun! The Jump Arena located in District 2 and District 7 has 650 square meters of interconnected trampolines. If you’ve had enough but your child hasn’t? No worries, go upstairs and chill while letting the young ones jump up and down for a little bit longer.

Indoor Kids Activities For Creative kiddies

VinSpace Art Studio has top-notch art workshops for both adults and children and is located in District 2. If you think your mini-me doesn’t have the same finesse as van Gogh, you’ll be surprised what they are capable of with the right material and guidance! Our kids have been here numerous times and loved it- be sure to try it out.

Or take the kids on a 3D adventure! At the Artinus 3D museum in District 7, three-dimensional fun is guaranteed with more than a 1000 original 3D paintings. For those who like original profile pics on their Facebook page or what’s app account- there are many, many options here. Visiting from 5 years and up is recommended.

Creative minds at Vinspace

Recovering activities for the parents 😉

After all these playgrounds, ice skating, bowling, pony rides and go-karting, we recommend three things. One, book a 90-minute massage at Villa Aesthetica. Two, book at dinner for you and your hubby at Sorae or Anan and third, top it off with G&Ts at The Social Club!

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Vista An Phu 628c Xa Lo Ha Noi, D2

Kids Cafe Lilliput on the groundfloor of The Vista An Phu is a Korean franchise with its first opening in Saigon. This place is just great. Easy on the eyes with soft colours, soft music, nice snacks & drinks and a fun playing area for kids. You don’t have to worry having to eagle-eye your kids all the time, because they are within sight, what a relief. For lucky little girls, there’s even a small spa on the playground where they can have their nails polished.

4th floor, 41 Duong 41, D2

Age: 6 months – 5 years

When you have young kids, it can be hard to find the right place to connect with other parents. At the BaMa Café this issue is solved! You can meet other parents, have a coffee and relax, all while your child is having fun playing with other little ones. The best part is that your precious yet untamed toddler is always in sight so you get to enjoy some real down time by chilling on one of the lounge cushions. A win-win if we do say so!

1st floor, Saigon South Marina Club, 9A Tra ‘n Van Tra Str, D7

Age: 1 year – 10 years

Kiwooza Planet just raised the bar on Kids indoor play areas. This giant space has lots to do for children of various ages; there are trampolines, jungle gyms, climbing walls, slides and soft play areas. It also has an arts and crafts area and a very cool interactive room with 3D options. And parents are happy as well, because it’s clean, gentle on the ears (thank you) and it has a nice lunch area. The only downside is that it comes with a price tag (around 200,000 VND/hour).

Make sure you bring non-slip socks! Shoes or bare feet are not permitted indoor.

Located in District 7 on the first floor of the Saigon South Marina Club.

15 Tong Huu Dinh, D2

Age: 1 – 6 years

Jaspas in District 2 – is it an outdoor play area for kids or is it a really nice place to hang out and enjoy good food? Yay, it’s both! Jaspas has put some serious thought in the details. The outdoor area is covered so no worries about rain or sun, your little ones are always in sight and the food is yummy. Also, for people who come without kids, the indoor space has a super nice interior. And they do birthday parties too. Good job Jaspas!

164 Tam Da, Long Truong, District 9, HCM

Age: From 3 years

Saddle up! The Saigon Pony Club is a horse riding school in Ho Chi Minh City, located in District 2. They offer horse riding lessons and clinics for children and adults of all ages. The French owners are trained instructors and take the well-being of their 4-legged beauties at heart. There are daily pony rides excepts for Wednesdays. Could be the perfect way for your mini-me to explore if there’s a gaucho hidden inside him or her!

Click on the address to see it in Google maps.

32 Tran Ngoc Dien, D2

Age: 1 – 8 years

A favorite amongst our kids who like climbing the wooden playhouse and playing in the sandpit! For us parents, it’s nice that we can keep an eye on them while having a drink and choosing from a menu that’s interesting for adults as well. There’s also an area for anyone who didn’t bring any mini-me’s and doesn’t want to be bothered with anyone else’s. Now that we come to think of it, the only real downside at Snap is the toy store at the entrance…

Age: 6 months – 6 years

Tini World is a huge indoor playground with different types of play areas. It has various locations throughout the city. We recommend going with little ones from 6 months onwards to about 6 years. It’s worth knowing that it can get very busy on weekends. Kids tend to love it, parents tend to get a bit overstimulated… Good option to spend some time on a rainy afternoon.

63 Ha Noi highway, D2

Age: 6+ years

Foam Pit, Super Slam, Leap of Fate;  yep, you are in Jump Arena! This 650 square meters of interconnected trampolines welcomes all adults and children from 6 years old (or younger if an adult is jumping with them). Such a hit in District 2 that they just opened another venue in District 7. Great to take your kids to on a hot afternoon or when they need to let off some steam. Don’t forget to put on your Jump socks, unfortunately regular socks won’t do, but you can buy them there.

4th floor, Diamond Plaza, 34 Le Duan, D1

Age: 8+ years

Superbowling indeed! What to expect? 24 lanes, modern equipment, fried chicken wings & lots of fun. Footwear and socks can be rented so don’t worry about bowling a strike wearing Havaianas. Great to go with a bunch of families or on a rainy Sunday.

Christmas is just around the corner and this also means schools are out! If you’ve decided to skip any travel plans, then you might need some good inspo on how to keep those little Christmas elves occupied. Here are some top ideas on what to do with the kids this Christmas holiday in Saigon!

Go For A Sports Or Art Camp

Fox sports is organizing a multi sports camp as well as a football camp for all ages. Kids can go halve days, whole days or even 2 weeks! Decently priced as well, that’s what we call the Christmas spirit!

VinSpace Art Studio is inviting all kids to join their winter art camp again.  Daily from 9am-12pm. You’ll be surprised what your kid is capable of with the right material and guidance! Suitable for kids form 5-10 years old.

More merry events! Kiwooza Planet is just the place to keep your kids occupied for a few hours. And this week they have a Wintery Activity camp. 

Finding your inner Anna and Elsa at the ice skating rink

Super indoor activities for children in Saigon

Yes there are heaps of indoor playgrounds here in Saigon, but we also found some special Christmas activities for you and your family to do:

Get the popcorn ready! CGV cinema has some great kids movies this month: Soul, the latest Disney movie is in theaters from december 25. For the older kiddo’s,  Wonderwoman is being screened now. It’s a great time to go to the movies with the whole family!

Here’s one you wouldn’t think of doing in a tropical city like Saigon, but is perfect for the Christmas holidays. Take a break from the heat and take your kids ice skating! On the 5th floor of the Vincom mega mall in District 2 is the amazing Vincom Ice Rink. It’s a cool haven where you will need a sweatshirt and long pants. If it’s getting too crowded; there’s also a great ice skating rink at The Landmark 81. 

And now you finally have the time to take the kids to the Artinus 3D museum. It’s in District 7 and three-dimensional fun is guaranteed with more than a 1000 original 3D paintings. For those who like original profile pics on their Facebook page or what’s app account- you will have many options to choose from. We are counting on a 3D Christmas option as well! Visiting from 5 years and up is recommended.

DIY crafts at home: Christmas snacks and ornaments

Christmas holidays are also a great time to sit down and take the time to create with the family. So ditch your work, pause your inner to-do list and get crafty. Your child will love you for it and it doesn’t cost a fortune either.

Whether you are a kitchen princess or kitchen clown, baking gingerbread cookies with the kids will make you feel like a regular Martha Stewart. What better time than the Christmas holidays?

If you want to tone it down a notch, make Strawberry Santas instead. Great as a dessert for that Saigon Christmas dinner at home. Or for any other day, because they are easy and simple to make. The kids will be able to do it pretty much themselves and have fun doing it.

A great thing to try are these cinnamon-scented ornaments. Kids love making Christmas ornaments out of dough and the cinnamon smell will make you feel like you are in Santa’s own home! They are easy to make and will hang in the tree before you know it. 

Jolly times with your kids and these strawberry Santas

Let’s go outside! Check out these great outdoor kids activities in Saigon

Saddle up! The Christmas holidays might be just the time for your mini-me to explore if there’s a gaucho hidden inside him or her! Drive to the Hippo Horse riding resort for half a day, a full day or even a few days. It’s about 45 minutes drive away, but boy is it worth it! You’re away from the city in a beautiful place where you can ride, relax and even swim. The French owners are trained instructors and take the well-being of their 4-legged beauties at heart.  They offer horse riding lessons and clinics for children and adults of all ages. And even if you’re not a true gaucho but you want just want a night out of the city or throw a BBQ with friends, that’s also an option. 

Need to blow off some steam and get outside? Take the kids to the Dat Butter farm. You might know their yummy products from the supermarkets in HCMC. What you probably didn’t know is, that in the weekends, they organize a fantastic farm and factory tour for kids and adults. In the middle of the green country side, this small boutique tour will teach you all about the farming of peanuts and the production of peanut butter. It’s interesting and interactive; our kids loved to put on their white lab coats and start creating their own jars of peanut butter. 

My own little pony

For other active Santa plans, check out these options for indoor and outdoor play in Ho Ho Ho Chi Minh City

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