As you might have noticed, almost everyone in Vietnam is connected to Facebook. There are Facebook groups to ask questions, to buy/sell stuff or to meet up. We made a list of the most interesting groups, but be sure to browse for yourself.

Saigon International Families
An Phu Neighbours
Expats & locals in Ho Chi Minh City
Female Expats and Locals in Ho Chi Minh City

If you would like to give back to this amazing country and do some volunteering, there are many great options.

Vietnam Causes gives you an overview of the Not For Profit organizations in Vietnam that could use your help. We have good experience with the Lin Center for Community Development.

ARC Pet Rescue is an organization that takes care of abused and abandoned animals.

Know One, Teach One, is a great organization that trains young adults in their restaurant and kitchen so they will be able to find work in the world of hospitality. They are always looking for people to get involved and volunteer.

Although social clubs might sound like something from the old days, luckily for us, they have evolved.

Network Girls HCMC organizes regular casual gatherings (breakfast or drinks) for women in Saigon of all backgrounds.

International Ladies in Vietnam have over 25 years of Saigon experience and host weekly meetings to share information, from coffee mornings to exhibitions.

The Hash House Harriers are a well known international phenomenon. If you like your Sundays active and outdoors, this is your link. The Saigon H3 organizes Sunday afternoon walks for the whole family, every week in another (greenish) part of Saigon. The group assembles on Sundays at 2 pm in front of the Caravelle Hotel in D1. Transport is organized. Be sure to check the contribution.

4th floor, 41 Duong 41, D2

When you have young kids, it can be hard to find the right place to connect with other parents. At the BaMa Café this issue is solved! You can meet other parents, have a coffee and relax, all while your child is having fun playing with other little ones. The best part is that your precious yet untamed toddler is always in sight so you get to enjoy some real down time by chilling on one of the lounge cushions. A win-win if we do say so!