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The ultimate romantic destination in Vietnam must be on Con Dao. An island with a history and home to the exquisite Six Senses resort. Without a doubt, a place to get some child-free relaxation.

Beaches, snorkeling, relaxing

Relax, enjoy, relax. Chances are you’re overwhelmed with the beauty of the Six Senses Resort and the ridiculously magnificent views. It’s the ultimate zone-out place, but also a treat for snorkeling and diving enthusiasts. Actually, it’s one of the best snorkeling- and diving areas of Vietnam. The resort can arrange it all for you.

You can also borrow a motorbike from the resort and go for a drive around the island. Officially Con Dao still is a protected National Park and has many treasures. If you’re lucky you’ll get to see turtles eggs hatching on one of the hidden beaches.

Where can I hang my Do Not Disturb sign?

Con Dao history

Then there’s the history of the island, which isn’t so pretty. Con Dao used to be a prison island during the French colonial time and later on the Saigon regime held opponents in the so-called “tiger cages”. True, heavy stuff and not very romantic, but vital in understanding Vietnams history.

Ok, back to the resort. Six Senses is absolute heaven in every way. It’s secluded, serene, in sync with nature yet very luxurious. Probably one of the most desired mom & dad escapes we can imagine. Of course this comes with a price and it’s not a low one. But if you manage to go a bit off season and during the week, it get’s much better already.

Looking for a bit more budget friendly option? Check out the Poulo Condor Boutique resort. 

How to get there

There’s a direct flight to Con Dao from Ho Chi Minh City. It takes about 45 minutes to fly to Con Son Island. The views upon arrival on this magical island are already stunning. From then it’s a 10-minute transfer to the resort. Charter services and airline ticketing can be arranged by the Six Senses resort. If you already planning to go to this exquisite resort, why not enjoy all of the perks and let the hotel arrange it for you?

Best time to go to Con Dao

The best time to go is November to May, during the dry season.

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