Coffee, internet and a laptop – the basics for any digital nomad. Luckily for us, the Saigon coffee scene is strong, very strong. And yes, we know the amazing regular spots for digital nomads in Ho Chi Minh City such as L’Usine, Dolphy Café and the Loop. But we’ve got a few more coming your way – read on to discover the best cafés in Saigon to work in.

Best cafés in Ho Chi Minh City for working in

The name might be the giveaway, but The Workshop is definitely on the list of best cafes in Saigon to work or study in. Whenever we walk into this hipster hotspot, we feel like we’re stepping into a New York City cafe. The impressive, open, colonial space with big windows (and lots of natural light!) creates the best atmosphere for focusing. Combine that with strong coffee and equally strong wifi – we’re not surprised that many professionals, students and digital nomads flock to this place.

Walking into the Bitexco tower together with the ‘regular’ office workers already gets you into that ‘deadline crushing’ vibe. And luckily for you, Nest by AIA is far from feeling like an actual office. The Scandinavian-meets-Japanese style furniture, the large windows, the long wooden bookcase with stepped seating – it all creates a truly perfect setting to work in. Even if you don’t have deadlines, just order a coffee and stare up at the swirling wooden nest. You’ll feel that creative energy flowing in no time!

Nest by AIA – we like you a latte!

The Coffee Connect definitely deserves a mentioning on the list of best places to work in Saigon. This cafe oozes productivity! A spacious area, friendly service, a hushed ambiance, long opening hours – and a very large collection of armchairs, pillows and sofas – what more would a digital nomad need?

Another seriously good cafe, filled with serious people working (and a serious number of plugs available – yay!), is our newly discovered The Running Bean. This spacious cafe with its chic-yet-boho interior is great for remote working in Ho Chi Minh City. An early start isn’t bad when you can order one of the to-die-for smoothie bowls together with your coffee. Let’s get cracking!

Work remotely in Saigon

At times cafés can create that home-away-from-home feeling. A smaller space, brick walls and comfortable chairs do the trick at Mori coffee. Soft jazzy tunes play in the background, while the friendly staff explain the different roasts and brewing options to those walking in. Get out your to-do list and set your laptop on the large wooden table at the back or settle into one of the comfortable sofa chairs.

You can’t but ‘A’Mori coffee

Another great cafe in Ho Chi Minh City to work in is M2C Cafe, with a mix of good coffee, food and trendy young people. With its name standing for Modern meets Culture, the interior is modern with a quirky classic twist. Don’t worry about being distracted – the neutral palette and the grey walls allow you to stay fully focused for the day.

In need of a little more air and space? The Deck is well known for its fine cocktails and dinners, but we’ve secretly been going a little earlier in the day. During the week, the mornings are quiet and the tranquility works like a charm for your focus. Order your coffee as you like it (from a double shot espresso to an actual French press), gaze over the Saigon river, and we’re sure your mailbox will be empty in no time.

Coffee & co-work, let’s get busy!

Yay – more great cafes for coffee & co-working

This café is easy to overlook as it is quite hidden, but oh so alluring. Facing the Saigon river in the Saigon Pearl neighborhood, Bosgauraus Coffee is the perfect spot to get some work done. And you get to enjoy great coffee and gaze at the Saigon river as a bonus. The interior is modern and clean, which gives the impression of working in an office, but in a good way. Bosgaurus Coffee, we like you a latte!

You would think Xuan Thuy Street in District 2 is turning into clubstreet- man this street is buuusy! When stepping inside The Coffee House though, you’ve entered a spacious peaceful haven. There’s more than enough space to find a good spot to get you going behind your laptop and to brew some inspiration. The Coffee House has many locations in Ho Chi Minh City, but the one on Xuan Thuy Street is definitely worth a top 10 listing.

This is another hidden gem and boy, do we like hidden gems. There’s nothing geeky about this café, on the contrary. Geek Hub is the perfect place to crush some of that workload and be comfy at the same time. The green plants and simple decoration sure help set the right atmosphere to get some work done and oh, the chairs, finally some good chairs!

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14 Tran Ngoc Dien, D2

This café in the heart of Thao Dien is cooosy! Yes, you can get coffee at more places than you’ll find ATM’s in this city, but none of them have yummy pastry like Le Flaneur. Try the lemon meringue. We especially love to sit inside when it’s raining cats & dogs outside, or cuddle up at the aircon when it’s blazing hot. Boy, what’s new these days?

44 Ly Tu Trong, D1

Wow! We sure love the M2C Café. Why? It’s a mix of good coffee (and food!), trendy young people and has a strikingly nice interior. Artisan is the best way to put it come to think of it. It’s open all day and always packed with people eager to get a seat and ready to enjoy themselves. There are 3 locations, all brilliant, but if we have to choose a favorite, the one in D1 is our champion.

3 Tran Ngoc Dien, D2

This is not your average Tea Room… in any way shape or form. And therefore a must visit. A reason to go are the cheesecakes, because there’s cheesecake and there’s cheesecake you want to devour every day for the rest of your life. That you will find here. Secondly, the tea is divine. Then add to that some seriously good coffee. And last, but not least, the interior is not only original, but everything’s for sale too. Also in D1! Go, today, and enjoy.

28 Thao Dien St., D2

When in Saigon, do as the Saigonese (ehhm, expats) do and grab a café sua da at Dolphy café while watching the vietnamese traffic fly by. Honestly, you can’t explore District 2 and not make a stop at one of the three Dolphy Café’s. Especially the one on the corner of Thao Dien and Xuan Thuy. Go and be part of the incrowd of District 2, you will love it.

42 Nguyen Hue, D1

We might have mentioned that this is one of our favorite buildings in Saigon. As a building, it doesn’t look like much, but standing on Nguyen Hue, you can already see all the signs of some really cool coffee places inside. There are loads of them, our advice is to check them all out and decide yourself which one is your top pick!

151/5 Dong Khoi, D1

If the combination of enjoying a good coffee, goood cupcakes, reading a book or magazine and doing some shopping all at the same time appeals to you, then this is the place. There are 3 locations, all worth visiting. Our favourite  though is on Dong Khoi. You enter through a small alley covered with paintings and Vietnamese charm (and smells!) and the experience is truely authentic. This French café is also great for lunch and dinner by the way.