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Super September: Top Saigon Events This Month | Saigon HappeningsSaigon Happenings

September in Saigon is super indeed. The weather is nice, there are multiple food and drinks events and one of Vietnams most special celebrations is coming up: Mid-Autumn festival. Never a dull moment in buzzing Ho Chi Minh City; we made a selection of the top events this month. 


The Best Kids Events In Ho Chi Minh City

September 2-16 : Up in the Air – Making Mid-Autumn lanterns

The Crescent Mall is organizing a daily Mid-Autumn workshop for kids, starting at 10 am. Get in the Moon festival mood and make your own lanterns, moon cakes, lion dance and much more. 

September 1-30: Bouncing on the Unicorn 

For kids who can burn some energy, hop over to the Unicorn Bouncing castle at Estella. You can bounce, hop, play with the thousands of mini balls it has been filled with and bounce some more. Price: 60-80k entrance

Estella Mall, kids activities Saigon, Kids activities Ho Chi Minh City
Told you we saw a unicorn

September 15: Climbing the Moon

Because of the wonderful Mid-Autumn festival, there’s a Climbing the Moon event  from 10 am at Saigon Outcast. All children can ‘climb the moon’ to catch the Jade Rabbit. There will be small Mid-Autumn gifts and celebrations. 


Top (Non Kids) Events In Ho Chi Minh City

September 6: MAD about Wine

The owners of MAD House didn’t spend their holidays at the beach like most of us, but were instead cruising along Europe’s vineyards to fill their wine cellar. At their MAD about Wine event they’re presenting more than 20 of their best finds and of course they need us to taste them. Well ok then, if we must…

September 7: Gin Festival

Gin is hip and happening, which made the first edition of this Gin Festival a blazing succes. Now back in the Carravelle for the second time, Gin Festival Saigon 2019 is promising even more workshops, tastings by mixologists and cocktail galore at this fun night. Tickets are 750,000 VND and inlude 2 free cocktails. 

Gin festival saigon, Gin Ho Chi Minh City
Let the festival beGIN!

September 7: Saigon Outcast 1970

In honour of Independence Day, the 70’s are coming to Saigon! Saigon Outcast 1970 is kicking off at 5pm with Indochine (Best Foreign Film). This is followed up by an accoustic musical night by Y Krocc, a well-known Vietnamese singer who participated in many tv shows such as Vietnam’s Got Talent. Singing is in English and Vietnamese, entry is free.

September 12: Beginner’s Photography course

Always wanted to learn the ins and outs of your camera, what the basic rules of photography are and how to work with light? Co-space is hosting a beginners course in 4 separate sessions, led by a professional photographer. You’ll be amazed by the progress you can make with a few professional lessons. 

September 14-15: River Rituals weekend

La Holista is organizing a great event to celebrate Moon festival. Their River Rituals Full moon celebration will be held over the weekend at Chi-Bu and they arrange everything: transport, accomodation, food as well as activities like yoga, swimming and more. The only thing you have to do is come and enjoy! Limited space, make sure to book ahead. 

La Holista Moon festival, River Rituals
Did anyone say, a weekend away?

September 15 + 29: Saigon Flea Market

Like to shop, love a bargain? Head over to District 7, where The Saigon Flea Market opens up every other Sunday from 11 am.  Fashion, vintage, collectibles and toys, this Sunday morning is all about hunting and bargaining. The location is close to the Crescent Mall.

September 19: Women’s Wellness Night

Join Mandala for their first Women’s Wellness night after the summer. Focused on meditation, restorative yoga and sound bowls, it’s a night to get rid of all the tension and those to do lists in your head and to connect with other women. Limited space, so don’t wait too long.

September 21: Living the change Documentary

Let’s get inspired! Some documentaries can change your life and this is one of them. The Hive is hosting the free screening of Living the Change, an inspiring movie that shows inspiring stories of people like ourselves and how they explore solutions to the global crises we face today. So turn off Netflix tonight and head over to The Hive. 

BBQ fest Saigon, BBQ Ho Chi MInh City, barebecue HCMC
BBQ festival: we have the will to grill!

September 27: BBQ Festival

Time for a manly BBQ fest! The best BBQ places are joining forces for one night at Saigon Outcast’BBQ Festival. Starting at 12pm, you can kick off with a BBQ lunch and stay till far beyond your fire flamed dinner. 


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