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Lunch! Pranzo, déjeuner, almuerzo or as the Vietnamese say: bữa ăn trưa. Sure, you can pack your lunch in the morning, but why on earth would you?! You can have a great lunch at so many places in Ho Chi Minh City. L’Usine, Au Parc, The Vintage Emporium and Poke Saigon are just drops in the huge yummy Saigon lunch bucket. Here’s a selection of some of the best places to have lunch in Ho Chi Minh. 

Hidden gems of Saigon

One of the reasons to love Saigon is because of the endless hidden gems. The best way to find these is to simply choose your spot and wander around the back streets until you find something that takes you fancy. Our best meals have been at places we would never be able to find again! If you don’t have time to wander and want a guaranteed good meal in D2, head to My Hanoi Kitchen for some guaranteed Vietnamese comfort food or The Green Box for a healthy but very hearty and tasty salad.

We love Vo Roof Garden

Let’s go vegan

Let’s eat vegan in Saigon and let’s do it at the Prem Bistro & Cafe. There’s enough choice to pick your fav seating area: the lovely outdoor terrace, the open-air area and the indoor cozy floor-seating section. Once you’re nice and comfy, have a go at the eggplant rolls, the quinoa & sweet potato burger or the lentil soup.

108eatery in District 2 is going on your list of fav lunch spots in Saigon. The vegan Korean food is delicious, the interior snug and zen and the staff is super friendly. The surroundings are serene and you will be too when sitting in this little gem. Order the vegan burger or the Bibimbap with a home-made kombucha!

Ooz & savour at the 108eatery

More great lunch spots in Ho Chi Minh

Who says a burger can’t be an elegant dish? At Marcel Gourmet Burger, burgers are turned into little pieces of gourmet art and they taste goood. The french fries are just as tasty and crunchy. Add to that a cozy interior and friendly staff and you’re all set.

Do as the Vietnamese do and eat Pho! The famous soup consisting of broth, rice noodles, herbs and meat is considered a healthy and light breakfast in Vietnam. But why not have it for lunch? Exactly, and the place you go to for a great one is Mama Pho.

Try the ‘pho’nomenal famous Vietnamese soup

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