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Have a week or more? Head over to Margaret River! The west coast of Australia is one of the best kids travel destinations we’ve been. The laid-back country life with its delicious food, nice weather, great Aussie wine and green outdoors… can you imagine a better family holiday?

Why this is the best kids travel destination: loads of activities!

Most villages, except for Perth and Freemantle, are small and sleepy. But the countryside makes more than amends for that. Yep folks, this side of Australia is like one big petting zoo, with farms, sheep shearing and outdoor playgrounds for young and old all around.

Let’s start with your itinerary. Driving from Perth to Margaret River, we recommend you to stop at Bunbury and Yallingup. There is a nice holiday park there to rent a cabin or park your camper. For the kids, there is an awesome maze nearby. And bless the Aussies for equipping all these kids places with a decent coffee bar.

Beautiful Smith Beach, a great spot for any sand castle

Near the coast are some must-see places as well: build some sand castles at the breathtaking Smith beach, Bunkers Bay. Have  lunch at the fantastic Bunkers Beach House, Eagle Bay and have a stroll at various other beach spots.

Farm stays, playgrounds and ice cream farms

Margaret River is really the ultimate kids travel destination: look out for the sheep shearing farm, which is a must do if it’s the season.  Make sure you visit the Sunflower petting Farm as well and top it off with a treat at the ice cream factory.

In the area of  Margaret River, there are many places where you can book a farm stay. It doesn’t get more glamping than this: the kids can help feed the animals and make s’mores at the campfire at night.

For lunch, we recommend the Berry Farm, to enjoy some homemade cuisine, or Cheeky Monkey Brewery, which has an awesome playground.

The adult playgrounds are called wine estates here!

Great activities in Margaret River for adults 

But although this is a great kids travel destination, it’s not all about the kids. What do you know, the adult playgrounds are called wine estates here! There are so many nice ones you can visit, like Vasse Felix, Leeuwin Estate or Voyager Estate. Some are more upscale than others, but it is often no problem to bring the kids.

Best kids travel destination: visit the kangaroos

Coming in the area, or moving out, you’re bound to stop by the charming town of Freemantle. It’s home to the Little Creatures Brewery, a great cafe to have lunch with the family.

And of course, there is no way you can visit Australia without spotting some koala bears, wombats and kangaroos. If you haven’t seen them during your trip, not to worry, you can come real close at the Cavendish Wildlife Park in Perth. Don’t miss it, it will score you extra points with the smallies for sure!

Get close and personal to some Aussie inhabitants at Cavendish

Where to stay in Margaret River

We hired a camper, but this trip can just as easily be done by car since the traveling distances are not that great. In both cases, book your wheels and hotels well in advance. Most campsites have barbecue pits.

At Bunkers Bay, the Pullman Hotel comes recommended. At Margaret River, we really liked Burnside Organic farms, which has a few nice cottages.

How to get to Margaret River

Alas, currently there is no direct flight from Ho Chi Minh City to Perth but we keep hoping! We flew to Singapore and took a 4 hour flight from there. You can also fly via Kuala Lumpur and Bangkok.

When should you go to Margaret River

Spring and Autumn are the best periods to go. In the Spring, September to November, it is not too hot and it’s the season for whale watching. Also, it tends to be a bit more quiet, while the Christmas period is more crowded. For wine fanatics, March to May is the time to come. Don’t forget that temperatures can drop during the night, so if you rent a camper, bring some warm attire.

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