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Whether it’s a farewell, a birthday, a teacher appreciations day or another celebration that needs an awesome gift – some inspiration can always come in handy! We know all the hotspots in Saigon, including some great places to get you that memorable present. Here you go.

Personalized gifts

Giving something personal is always nice. A personalized water bottle is even better – let’s face it, can’t have enough water bottles in this town! And one with your name or life motto on it is even better. We love these personalized water bottles by Hamper Vietnam. Looking sleek, re-usable, made of natural materials and uber practical, this is the perfect gift!

Message in a bamboo bottle

A Cook Book with a cause

We just love this beautiful cook book by Family Favourites. Our tribe starts cheering when we cook from this little book. It’s packed with uncomplicated, every day dishes to cook for family and friends. And all for a good cause, because proceeds go directly to the writers, 4 fantastic Filipino domestic helpers in Singapore. Double gifting we say! Don’t forget to order a bit in advance as it will be sent to your doorstep.

Yummy in your tummy recipes from Family Favourites

Bouquet of Compliments

This one comes from our teacher gift list (and is one of the teachers favorite presents to receive we heard), but it is great to give to anybody. Because who doesn’t like a compliment? For the birthday of your BFF,  the farewell of your sports coach or for your mom on Mother’s day. Hand out some plain cards and ask everyone to write, draw or craft a heartfelt compliment on it. Buy a nice bunch of flowers, like the ones at Ted&Anna and tie every compliment to a separate flower. He or she will be over the moon with this beautiful bouquet of compliments!

Gift boxing to the max

This personalized gift box is too cute for words! Assemble your favorite images and head to lovinbox to make your own gift box, personalized with all your pics. You can even add a little present or note inside.

Or rather message in a box?

A mighty cool map

Here’s another fun idea for a gift. A map of Saigon and no, not just your everyday map, one of My Mapz. The design is super savvy and stylish and the quality is tip-top. This map gives something extra to any interior. And it’s a great memory for when you move somewhere else.


Trend-setting concept store and cafe l’Usine offers besides a yummy lunch & coffee and hip clothing brands, also cool lifestyle accessories. If you can’t choose, no worries, they also do gift vouchers. Bingo!

Relaxing  presents

If you’re pampering a person who could do with some relaxation, head to Saigon’s best spa’s! You can never fail with a gift voucher from the stunning spa Apothiquaire or one of the other great massage salons in Saigon.

Finally some well deserved relaxing time

House of Barbaard

But pampering isn’t something only women enjoy… House of Barbaard has refined the art of creating a man’s haven in the form of a barbershop where men can relax and unwind. Get a gift voucher or just go and make an appointment in advance. All your pal needs to do is show up.

movie voucher or tickets for The World of Heineken will also make a great gift. The WOH has one of the most spectacular views of the city and is a museum, an experience, a bar, and some more. There are only two WOH’s in the world, so it’s a truly unique experience. Did we mention the bar?

Always fun at The World of Heineken

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