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So you’re looking for some furniture or interior accessories for your home? Walking around in Saigon, you would think this is easy. With so many cool hangouts, where a lot of Ho Chi Minh City restaurants and bars have hip and edgy interiors, it should not be too difficult to purchase some nice home decor items yourself. Alas, not as easy as it sounds. Yes, we see cool furniture everywhere we look in Saigon, but finding them is a whole different ballgame. Like with everything in this fantastic chaotic city, it is out there, but you have to find out where.

Luckily for you, the Grapevyne team already did some of your home sweet homework. We found you a bunch of fantastic Saigon furniture shops to fit any style or budget: great online furniture shops, Vietnamese home decor brands, the best interior shops for the basics and some inside tips where to get the best furniture made.

The best online home decor shopping in Vietnam

Let’s start with sharing our latest Grapefind with you here! Hé Studio has great beds, chairs and sofas. They can also replace your lamp shade if needed. The Facebook page and website are in English and Vietnamese and you can message them in English.

PT&T Wood has the coolest chairs and tables. Their leather sofas will be such a funky addition to your living room and they even have nice office furniture. Unfortunately, their website is only available in Vietnamese, but that will give you the chance to finally practice those Vietnamese language lessons!

Carpet Diem! Make your home happy and buy a new rug

Another good online address, but with a studio in HCMC, is the lovely Singapore brand 25hands Rug Studio.  Everyone knows that the best way to make your house feel like a home is to start with a good rug or carpet. But it’s not easy finding a nice rug in this city! Luckily,  25hands has a studio here and welcomes all Saigon customers. They make custom-made rugs for a great price, so you can choose your own bespoke design, color and size. Or do what we did and shop from their collection.

Other great online Saigon furniture brands

You found a dining table which you love, but then… the chairs! Not an easy assignment to find nice ones, we know. Here’s a place you can try and we have a feeling you will like it as much as we do. The Butterfly chair, Shell chair, they have it all. Browse or visit their store.

Bamboo, bamboo and more bamboo! If you’re into this natural, popular product like we are, check out Bambu Decor. This shop has a lot of gorgeous stuff made from bamboo and rattan. Cabinets, beds, chairs, tables, lamps, baskets and the list goes on and on.

Great places to have furniture made

As you might realize now, there are enough furniture shops in Saigon to find some treasures, but have you considered having something made here? The quality is really good, the pricing definitely decent if you compare it to what you would pay back home and you’ll have your master piece before you know it. We’ve had really good experiences with Tracy Decor and Decor Sat Moc.

Interior shops in District 2

Xuan Thuy Street in District 2 is a great place for furniture shopping in Saigon. It is home to some established interior brands that have been here forever, like Decosy and Linh’s Furniture. But it also houses some other cool initiatives. A shopping corner called Inventory at number 63 houses various shops and is the home base for some lovely little shops as well as the popular Amaï brand store. Here you can find the colorful Amaï home ceramics collection, with cups, bowls and plates in various sizes.

The Vietnamese brand Amaï is always a great gift

Home decoration: visit Sadec District

A little bit further down, at 83 Xuan Thuy, you’ll find the Saigon Oi shopping block. It hosts Sadec District, which sells home accessories as well as larger furniture pieces. Perfect for redecorating your home or for buying presents. The interior shops directly surrounding Sadec are also worth visiting, so hop over and browse around. Sadec can also be found in District 1, where it is spread out over 3 floors, so it definitely offers enough choice for any style or budget!

Redecorate with Casa Nha 

On Hanoi Street, next to Jump Arena in District 2,  you’ll find a Saigon furniture shop that will make you happy! Casa Nha offers 3 large floors of home accessories, from mirrors and baskets to wooden chopping boards and pottery. Also check out the awesome Saigon maps, printed on wood, which are the perfect gifts for people with a passion for this city. If you are looking for larger furniture pieces, be sure to visit this lifestyle store as well. We saw some comfy sofas, dining tables and chairs on display. You can also order via the Casa Nha website.

Bo Concept Furniture store

While you’re there, check out the store next door:  Denmark’s biggest name in furniture BoConcept. You can also find BoConcept at Crescent Mall and Hai Ba Trung. If you are a fan of modern Nordic interior, this store, full of home furnishing essentials, is exactly what you are looking for: high-quality chairs, tables and couches, all in that signature Danish style.

Feel a bit Danish at Bo Concept

More great furniture shops in Saigon

Affordability is a bit of a sliding scale here, but frankly, we love their high-end western style furniture. Interior store Casa Mia has several stylish sofas, tables and chairs on display and also offers some nice outdoor basic furniture.

In district 7, we like to go to COTO, a furniture shop filled with lamps. Unfortunately, their bigger store in district 3 closed down.  Coto has a website in Vietnamese and English, but unfortunately, you can’t order directly from the site.

Feeling Tropic is a interior store in Le Van Mien in District 2. It specializes in locally sourced outdoor furniture. Lovely to browse around for your sun loungers, lounge chairs, but also baskets and small tables.

Where to shop for basics in Ho Chi Minh

Although we feel there are only so many Billy bookcases a home can handle, we still recommend you make a trip to IKEA before moving to Saigon. To this day the Swedish store has not opened its doors here in Vietnam (yet). But there is a Vietnamese alternative and it’s called Baya. Not as many interior products and also not quite as hip, but there are various useful items for your home. Strangely enough, they sell the exact same plastic kids cups and plates as their Swedish cousin.

Another Scandinavian find; JYSK not only offers budget-friendly chairs, tables and shelves but also household appliances and outdoor furniture. This is also the place to be for your parasols, solar lamps and outdoor dining area. Shop JYSK online (their website is available in English as well). Or visit one of their several stores in Ho Chi Minh City.

Happy Hampers!

The best home accessories in Saigon

With stores in more than 8 districts, Peony Home is a great shop for accessories. Think cushions, candles and other knick-knacks for your house. It has a few larger furniture items as well. This Vietnamese store also sells online (in Vietnamese as well as English), so you can browse their product range directly from your soon to be re-vamped home!

One thing that is great about Vietnam, is that there are so many nice handicraft accessories to find. Aside from local pottery and Sapa fabrics, the Vietnamese baskets made of water hyacinth are certainly charming local additions to your home. And the best thing is that you can buy them for a fraction of the prize that they go for when bought outside of Vietnam. Tucked away in a little street off Quoc Huong, we found this Grapefind: Hana, a home filled with baskets and bags.  Ideal to put on your terrace for storage of swimmers or in the kids’ room to keep all the stuffed animals contained.

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