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It’s Plastic Awareness Month! | Saigon Happenings Saigon Happenings

Is plastic fantastic? Not for nature, it isn’t. It is high time we do something about our plastic addiction and this definitely applies to Saigon. Quick fact: in just 45 years, our consumption rate of plastic bags has grown from almost zero to over 500 billion plastic bags annually. Oh my, we hear you thinking… We agree.

But there is also good news. Movements against the use of (single-use) plastics are popping up everywhere, including a great one in Saigon! The Program ‘Rethink Plastic Vietnam’ launched the Plastic Awareness Month this September. A month full of initiatives aimed to reduce all that plastic of ours. Be sure to like their page rethinkplasticvietnam to stay updated on all their plastic reducing events, also in the months to come.

What else can I do?
There’s a lot you can do! We have some quick fixes lined up for you to cut back on plastics and they are easier than you might think. Come on, let’s go on a plastic diet together!

Quick fixes to support Mother Nature

1.  Say No to the plastic straw

More and more venues have started to introduce the no-straw policy, yay! A few good examples in D2 are Mekong Merchant, MandalaBlu, and Snap Cafe. In D1, The House of Barbaard and Jake’s BBQ are doing a great, conscious job. Go to these places to have your juice without a plastic straw. Or even better, buy your own reusable straw:  Green Around the Corner is the place to go.

2. Reduce, Re-use and Recycle!

Jack Johnson is right, no need to use that coffee- or juice cup one time and then just chuck it away! Let’s all buy a reusable coffee cup and water bottle instead. You can buy them at various places, like Starbucks and Uncle Bills.

And while we are at it – the same goes for plastic sandwich wrapping. Honey Bee Wraps makes 100% cotton, organic beeswax coated wraps that keep your food fresh. Multiple sizes are available.

Zero Waste Saigon is an awesome initiative in Saigon that has loads of reduce, re-use and recycle tips on their website and Facebook page. Besides that, they sell beautiful reusable tea cups and all sorts of reusable straws.

Use a reusable coffee cup instead

3. Bring your funky shopping bag or go bio-gradable

This must be the easiest fix. Just bring your own shoppers when buying your groceries. You’ll look cool and besides, accepting a plastic bag at the supermarket is sooo 20th century.

And if you really need to use plastic, make sure it’s the bio-gradable version. A great initiative is WAVE- they produce a cassava-based plastic bag alternative which contains zero actual plastic and is made from cassava starch using a proprietary process. Check out www.wave-ecosolutions.com where to buy one of these awesome bags!

4. Food delivery: plastic, plastic, not so fantastic

Ordering delivery- or take away food also has a huge impact on single-use plastic. But there are alternatives. La Holista delivers yummy vegan lunches in re-usable tupperware. So that’s two down- reducing single-use plastic and doing good for animal welfare, because all their food is vegan. 108Eatery works in a similar way, they will prepare the best lunch for you, but you have to bring your own container if you are eating out. Well done we say.

These are just a few examples of what you can do to reduce your plastic use – easy right? If you’re really getting into this, go to one of the screenings that the Hive and La Holista are organizing or check this awesome guide.

We are in Team Nature!